Sacramento Bathroom Contractor Video: Bathtub Refinishing Can Freshen Up the Look of Your Tub

Sacramento Bathroom ContractorWhen it comes to remodeling your bathroom, even the smallest changes can make a huge impact. Take your bathtub, for instance. Scratched, cracked, and water-stained tubs may look dirty and worn, but a smooth, glimmering tub can brighten up the feel of the whole bathroom. But how do you do it?

Replacing old bathtubs or installing tub-liners can be an unnecessarily expensive endeavor. Thankfully, an experienced Sacramento bathroom contractor can expertly refinish your tub so it looks like new without breaking the bank. The multi-step process involves repairing scratches and other damages before applying several layers of high-quality, protective finish that leaves tubs both shiny and safe from future damage.

To learn more about refinishing your bathtub and what you can do to ensure your tub retains its scratch free, like-new appearance, watch this video:

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TITLE: Bathtub Refinishing Can Freshen Up the Look of Your Tub

NARRATION: If you are trying to save a little money to remodel your bathroom, refinishing your bathtub is a low-cost, time-saving option. But what’s involved in this process? Highly rated bathtub refinisher Paul Burns explains.

PAUL BURNS: It’s a great way to recycle your bathroom fixtures and make them look new. It’s a fraction of the cost of replacement or tub liners. And it also can be done in one day.

So basically, we go in and take the caulk out. The tub is etched with an acid that we dilute on the job. And what it does is remove any foreign material and get the tub etched to adhesion. Then the scratches are worked out with diamond abrasives or fillers, depending on the type of damage. Once the tub has been etched and all the damage is repaired, we protect the room with masking. We set up ventilation equipment to capture the overspray and odors. It’s a two-part process. You want to put a primer down. Once the primer is set, we add the non-skid surface texture to it, and then the two coats of aliphatic acrylic polyurethane is applied to the tub.

NARRATOR: Once your tub is in tip-top shape, how do you keep it that way? Andy Etzel, a highly rated refinisher from Plymouth, Minnesota, says most homeowners don’t realize that what they think is good for cleaning and caring for a bathtub is actually harmful to its finish.

ANDY ETZEL: Most people don’t realize that any cleaner that has that caustic material in it will ruin the tub, and 99 percent of the time, that’s why I’m there redoing it, because the tub has lost its shine or its been ruined that way or there’s a stain in the corner they can’t get out.

Leaving shampoo bottles in the corners, that really tends to hold moisture in the corners and it can stain the corners over time. Those couple things are probably the biggest culprits for the need to redo a tub.

Basically, I give them a list of cleaners when I’m done. And on my sheet, which I recommend for a tub if it hasn’t been refinished—is use household cleaners that are labeled safe for porcelain. Also, you don’t want to use a cleaner that you have to wear rubber gloves for.

NARRATOR: If you’re looking to hire a reputable bathtub refinisher to spruce up your tub, visit

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