Sacramento Bathroom Remodel: Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

29When a dated bathroom is in dire need of an update, many homeowners still hesitate before making the decision to remodel. While the idea of a brand new, energy-efficient bathroom may be tempting, the prospect of spending thousands of dollars on a remodel is decidedly less appealing.

Don’t worry—you don’t need to break the bank to update your bathroom into a modern, visually appealing, and functional space that adds tremendous resale value to your home. All you need is a creative plan and a resourceful Sacramento bathroom remodel contractor who can help you transform your bathroom on a budget. Your contractor will be able to suggest money-saving tips and techniques, from installing low-flow fixtures that will save you money to refinishing existing tubs, sinks, and other items to give them a brand new sparkle.

Want more budget-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas? Check out the video below.

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TITLE: Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

NARRATION: Smart planning made this dream bathroom a reality for a family with some storage issues.

This is where the project started. A bathroom that was definitely outdated, and just didn’t have enough storage space. The money wasn’t there for one major makeover, so with some strategic prioritizing, the project was split into two stages. On the wish list, a more modern look, more storage, and improved energy efficiency. Here’s how they did it.

Topping the to-do list for stage one, putting in a high efficiency toilet and a new tub. Since that meant demolition, it was the logical time to replace the old window, to add new tile on the floor, and in the surround. The field tile is an inexpensive but contemporary subway style, accented with a strip of beautiful but more expensive glass mosaic. By using the mosaic sparingly, they made a big impact and saved some money. They also demoed these walls to remove the old tile. And while the wall was open, made the electrical changes that were necessary for the updates in stage two.

And that’s an important tip. Even though you are doing a project in stages, plan it all at once. If you know what you want to do down the road, you can lay the foundation for it early on so you won’t blow your budget redoing expensive work like opening walls. The rest of the budget for this first stage went to a mini facelift. Fresh paint and new fixtures made the bathroom look and live a little better for a while.

Stage two is about storage and style. The tile added in stage one now extends across the whole vanity wall. A new vanity, medicine cabinet, and vanity lights make this area bright, beautiful, and functional. To keep the vanity clear of clutter, there’s storage down below, along with these niches next to it. New clutter-busters are tucked into the linen closet, this simple spice rack is perfect for polishes and potions, and these inexpensive bins make great hidden hampers. The result of this do-it-in-stages strategy, a stylish space with plenty of storage, all done in a manageable manner.

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