Sacramento Home Contractor Video: The Green Home Guide – Part 5

47Transforming your home into a green one not only benefits the environment, it helps you save money and improve the overall quality of your life. From water-efficient washers that conserve water to heating systems that heat your home more efficiently, green upgrades come with a lot of payback. And when it comes time to sell your home, the benefits of going green will be reflected in its resale value. Today, homeowners’ are increasingly interested in purchasing eco-conscious homes, eager to reap the benefits of the reduced energy costs, lower interest rates, and tax breaks.

All it takes is a few eco-friendly upgrades to make a huge difference in your energy costs, quality of life, and the resale value of your home. To get started, contact a Sacramento green home contractor who can help you decide what upgrades are right for you and transform your home into a masterpiece of modern design and energy efficiency.

To hear more about how going green can be a great investment, check out this video:

To talk to a Sacramento green home contractor who can help you remodel your home, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: The Green Home Guide – Part 5

KATY CARKUFF: Let’s say you’ve decided to build or remodel in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. You’ve seen that you can lower your bills, save energy, and create a fit and durable home. The effort is worth the payback, and there are other incentives to consider.

Your new surroundings. Everything in this space was carefully considered and specially selected by you. Now, you want to keep a good thing going well.

CHRIS BELLANCA: It’s really important for homeowners to understand how their house works. It may take a little bit more consciousness and awareness about how you’re operating your home. But in the long run, that will make your house more comfortable and be more responsible to the environment.

KATY CARKUFF: Once you settle into your new surroundings, you might view the world beyond your front door a little differently. Some homeowners find that living in a high-performance home encourages them to look for other efficiencies in other parts of their lives.

LAURA SEYDEL: What’s important to me and my husband and family is to build this house that we live in because it sends a message. We have always tried to walk the talk, whether we’re recycling or composting or driving hybrid cars. This was the next step that we could take—building a house that shows that doing for the environment was epic, a personal epic of ours.

KATY CARKUFF: Owning a home with tried and true efficiencies, you may never want to leave! But if a move is inevitable, what about resale? You see the extra value in your home, but will it have a market advantage?

COURTNEY POULOS: Well it definitely does give them a leg up. It makes a home, at least currently, standout far beyond the competition. I think that buyers like to know that consciousness has come into play in terms of renovations that have been done. People walk in, and they go, “I can feel that these aren’t ordinary cabinets!” or “I get the sense that it’s cooler in here and the air-conditioning’s not even on!”

It dawns on people that this can actually add value to their life, and their real estate investment.

KATY CARKUFF: If your home has distinctive green features, you may want to find a realtor or eco-broker that specializes in the field. They are out there! The value in green living is getting noticed, and homeowner incentives are beginning to bloom.

STUART TYNE: The consumer base is really driving towards a need and deep interest in environmentally friendly practices. I think our industry—both homebuilding and obviously finance too—are simply responding to the desires of the American home purchaser.

So our charge is really to find affordable financing products to allow people to purchase sustainably built homes or green homes, and provide the financing that they need to procure those homes.

KATY CARKUFF: While some laws giving tax breaks for sustainable extras are changing, other opportunities have come to the surface.

STUART TYNE: One of the greatest ways that we can help promote the purchase of more environmentally friendly homes and energy-efficient homes is through product offerings. So we offer a number of different products, whether that’s the energy-efficiency mortgage that provides consumer benefit and lower interest rate opportunities for the consumer purchasing the energy-efficient home to the solar-home mortgage that we offer.

KATY CARKUFF: Some utility companies offer rebates and other incentives for adding eco-kind elements to your home. You can find a wealth of consumer info on the net. If you can connect the dots between what green is and what it can do for you, you’re one step closer to creating a home that’s durable and comfortable, while being smart and beautiful too.

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