Sacramento Attic Addition Video: Home Additions, Sacramento CA: Transform your Attic into Another Room

45If your attic is empty, save for dust bunnies, spider webs, and a couple of boxes of Christmas lights, you may be losing out on valuable living space. Attics can be so much more than a gloomy storage space with just a bit of handiwork and creativity. Your contractor can help you transform your home’s top floor into a secluded master bedroom, a quiet office, or a playroom for your kids. By taking advantage of this preexisting area, you can add extra living space on a much lower budget than building an entirely new addition would require.

Of course, working within an attic space poses its own unique set of challenges. Transforming an attic into a comfortable living space means addressing issues such as duct work and dramatically slanted ceilings, as well as adding insulation and a permanent staircase. Your Sacramento attic addition contractor can help you come up with creative solutions to your attic’s constraints, and design an attic addition that suits your unique needs and tastes.

To learn more about the process of transforming your attic into a living space, watch the video below.

To talk to a Sacramento attic addition contractor who can help you remodel your attic into another room, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: Home Additions, Sacramento CA: Transform your Attic into Another Room

ANCHOR: Our Mr. Fix-It, Tom Garcia, gave us tips on how to convert your attic into a living space. Well, in this morning’s Fix-It Friday, we return to the attic for a construction update and a few more tips.

TOM GARCIA: Welcome to Fix-It Friday. I’m Tom Garcia. Well, this week, we’re back in our attic conversion. Our framing is complete, our wiring is in place, and we’re almost ready for the next steps. A couple of tricks—you might think, “Changing an attic over. How difficult is that? What is really needed?”

Well, in the case of insulation, you may look at your roof rafter and say, “Well gosh, it’s just not very deep!” Not a problem. If we just add on additional component to your roof rafter, now we’ve got a great, deep pocket here, hold plenty of insulation to keep this room nice and cool in the summertime.

In addition, all of our wiring has been in place, our can lights, everything is roughed in and ready to go. Another thing you may look in your attic and go, “Gosh, I got ductwork all over the place. How do we handle that?”

So an example here, where before the ductwork was throughout the attic space, as it may be in your home, it’s been collected into one area, up against the wall, going right up beneath this window, and then framed over. And so eventually, when we’re complete, this is going to be a wonderful window seat, right here, in the window, overlooking the trees.

So next time when we visit our project, our insulation will have been installed and we’ll have our drywall up and we’ll be moving to the trim phase. And then finally, we’ll complete it out, and you’ll see how your attic space may add valuable square footage to your home on a budget.

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