Sacramento Home Addition Video: How to Build a Home Addition

johnsonThe advantages of building a home addition are numerous, from enhancing the comfort of your home to significantly raising its resale value. With an addition, you can expand your house to include a new bedroom, extra bathroom, game room, home theater—the sky’s the limit!
There are several different ways to approach a home addition project. One efficient and effective strategy is to transform an existing garage, sunroom, or screened-in porch into a new room for your home. With these types of projects, you are often able to incorporate the elements of the existing structure—such as the frame and roofing—into your new addition. By working off an existing structure, you’ll not only save time and money, but you’ll be able to ensure your new addition blends harmoniously with the rest of your house.
If you are considering building an addition, consult with a Sacramento home addition contractor. A seasoned Sacramento contractor can help you decide the best approach for your unique home addition project, and help bring your vision to fruition.
To learn more about the different strategies for building a home addition, check out this video:

To talk to a Sacramento home addition contractor who can help you build your home addition, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: How to Build a Home Addition
NARRATOR: Hi, and welcome back to Precise Contracting Video. Here is going to be a sunroom that we’re going to convert into an actual home addition. We’re just saving the roof.
Now we started off first with excavating for the footing and foundation, and we do it with precision control so we don’t hit the house or the actual structure we’re going to modify. If you’re a first-timer trying to tackle this kind of project, I advise you to get lots of practice on the mini excavator because you can through everything out of whack in a split second.

Here, you see we’ve removed the dirt and exposed the original supports holding the structure that we’re going to modify. So we’re cutting that out and we’ve got to support the structure with jack pumps.
We ran into a snag and had to get the bigger excavator out and start to excavate a five-foot—yes, a five-foot—diameter tree stump out of the ground. But with the big excavator, it was a little bit tough to try to maneuver within a little bit of space and cut through trees without breaking any branches on this property.

Once the tree stump is taken out, it’s removed from the property, placed into a dump truck, and taken to recycling. Then we begin to start to cut the supports out, mix the concrete, put it into the footings, vibrate the concrete at a five percent, and then lay out the concrete and get it ready for the blockwork.

When doing your blockwork, you have to make sure each course of blocks accepts the four-foot on center rebar that’s placed vertically on the footing. With the structure supported correctly with the jack pumps, we begin to remove the walls, modify the floor, finish the foundation, and support the roof all at the same time.

Once we have that situated, we begin to start doing the drainage. Adding drainage is very crucial to a foundation installation. Here’s a detailed drawing, where you can see for yourself where the drainage is put, and how we rebar and tie everything together.

Once the proper filtrations are put into the drainage, we begin to tamper down below eight to 12 inches, and then back build. Set up the tripod, and then set the height to the window sill to make sure each window is level with each other.
Now that all eight windows are level, we are ready to install the sheathing, the house wrap, cut out the windows, install the windows with caulk and with flashing to make sure that it’s kept tight. You just can’t nail the windows in place at think that it’s going to be waterproof.

Now, here you go with the addition. Here’s a 3D image. Now, we turn 3D images into reality. There is no doubt in the work that we do. You can see it for yourself, as I took you through the video.

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