Sacramento Home Contractor Video: Build-It by ROY Home Addition Construction Project

additionSometimes, transforming a house into a castle is as simple as building an addition. If a growing family requires more space, an addition can be an efficient and economical alternative to moving into a bigger home or constructing a larger house from the ground up. An addition can be custom-built to satisfy the homeowner’s unique needs, while significantly increasing the resale value.

But building an attractive, functional, and cost-effective addition for your house can be a lengthy and often complex process. Adding onto a home requires careful planning, as well as an intimate familiarity with local zoning laws. It also takes a bit of skill and finesse to ensure the new addition blends harmoniously with the style and design of your house, while also taking advantage of modern amenities.

That’s why it’s so important to hire an experienced Sacramento home addition contractor to design and construct a new addition for your home. An expert contractor can help you come up with a plan for your project that accommodates your budget, needs, and tastes, and oversee all aspects of construction from start to finish.

To gain a better understanding of what the process of building an addition for your home may entail, check out this video.

To talk to a Sacramento home addition contractor who can help you build an addition for your home, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.




TITLE: Build-It by ROY Home Addition Construction Project

ANTHONY ROY: Hi, I’m Anthony Roy. What we’re looking at here is the latest Build-It by ROY project. Right now, we’re only into day two of this addition. It’s an approximately 900 square foot addition, basically adding a master bedroom, bath, and another bedroom with a little office-type area.

It’s a pretty extensive job that we have started here. We’ve got about 900 square feet. We’re coming off 18 feet from the house, and it’s about 45 feet long.

Right now, the plumber is laying out the underground sewage pipes, so anything that’s under the surface of the slab has to be done right now. The next stage of the project will be digging out the footers, laying out the rebar, doing the terminate spray, and then covering everything with plastic. Then the floor— the concrete floor, which will happen probably in about four or five days.

Later on.

ANTHONY ROY: Hey! Welcome back to our addition here. We’ve got a lot of stuff that’s happened since we last spoke. In the last few days, my framers have worked really hard for us. They got all the walls up, all the tresses were set, and as you can see, the entire roof is pretty much finished. We’re going to go inside in a minute and see what they’re doing.

So, we’re outside of the addition right now, and as you can see, we’ve got some Tyvek on here, so it’s looking a little bit different now at this point. Dave, the homeowner, has been kind enough to join us today.

David, we’ve been going on this process for quite a while, going back and forth. This is a long process for you, deciding who to use, and building this addition. Describe the process that you went through while choosing a contractor.

DAVID: Basically, we don’t have tons of extra money to spend, so we were looking for a good deal. At the same time, we’re doing this once, so it needs to be done right the first time—both the price and the confidence-level we had. We needed to be able to sit down with him. His availability, to be able talk when we had questions, that kind of thing, just the ability to communicate gave a lot of confidence to us—so we selected Build-It by Roy.

ANTHONY ROY: What’s your confidence level at this point, and how satisfied are you with the job? At this point, we’re about maybe halfway through right now.

DAVID: We’ve been impressed, especially the last week, week-and-a-half. It’s been amazing to see everything going up so fast and it looks like really good work. We’re pretty impressed.

ANTHONY ROY: Alright, awesome. Well, at this point we’re going to let David go back to his daily grind. We’re going to take a look inside again and find out what Andres, our electrician, is doing, and catch up with him. Thanks a lot, David.

Okay, so we’re back inside and we’re going to talk to Andres, our electrician, and find out what he’s doing.

Andres, what you got going on here? This is Andres from AVA electrical company. Tell us what you’re doing right now.

ANDRES: Right now, we are just trying to finish the homerun. We’re running the homerun from the voltage to the—

ANTHONY ROY: Ok, let me stop you for one second. When you say homerun, I’m thinking— along with a lot of people watching this right now—I’m thinking about baseball and Babe Ruth right now. What do you mean when you say homerun?

ANDRES: The homerun is the main wire to feed the circuit from this box to the main panel. That’s pretty much all I’m doing right now, just fitting the circuits to the main power for the customers.

ANTHONY ROY: So these wires are going to go right to the panel, nonstop—that’s the homerun. Looks good! Thanks a lot.

So right now, we’re at the part of the job where we can put our windows in. I’d like to talk to you about the product we’re using today. This particular window is low-e glass that’s got three-quarter-inch spacing in-between the glass. It’s a very, very efficient window—probably one of the better windows I’ve ever installed.

Later on.

ANTHONY ROY: So we’re back on the job here today, we’ve got a beautiful day, the weather’s cooled off, and as you can see, we’re almost there. Since I’ve last spoke with you, we’ve got the stucco in the walls, so this is ready to paint right now. That’s the next thing on the agenda, to get the house painted, which is going to happen in a couple days. We’re also finishing up the drywall inside, so we’re moving along and we’re on the homestretch.

Here at Build-It by ROY, every contract we make with the homeowner is unique. The price depends heavily on the finishing touches a customer chooses. This particular addition was accomplished in its finished state for $60 per square foot.

While the price was very competitive, we don’t skimp on quality. We take pride in our work.

This particular project only took two-and-a-half months to complete. At Build-It by ROY, we believe that value, quality of work, and timeliness of construction are evident in this and other projects we have completed.



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