Sacramento Second-Story Addition Video: 2nd Story Room Addition Phase 1

42Tearing the roof off your home and building a second-story addition is no small undertaking. However, if handled correctly, the time and effort put into your second-story room addition project can pay off with major benefits. A second-story addition can maximize the square footage of a smaller area and add much needed space for you and your growing family, whether in the form of a new bedroom, game room, or home theater. With a second floor, you’ll have access to never-before-seen views of your surrounding area.

Talk to an experienced Sacramento second-story addition contractor to determine whether a second-story addition is the right choice for your unique home, budget, and neighborhood. A contractor can help you design a second-story addition that blends seamlessly with the rest of your house, while handling any structural support issues, maintaining pleasing proportions, and ensuring your new addition complies with local building codes. By the end of the process, you’ll be able to move into an elegant new living space that has nearly doubled the size of your home.
For more insight into the process of building a second-story addition, check out the video below.

To talk to an expert contractor who can help you build your Sacramento second-story addition, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: 2nd Story Room Addition Phase 1

MICK MCKENZIE: Hi, I’m Mick McKenzie with America Housing Remodeling, and what we have here is a single-story home and we’ll be adding a second floor over the entire house. We’ll be tearing off the existing roof, putting a new floor system in, walls, roof—the entire process, we’ll try to capture on tape so that you can see from beginning to end how it’s done.

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