Sacramento Air Conditioning Video: 5 Things to Know About A/C Maintenance

Sacramento-Air-Conditioning-Russ-JohnsonMost of us don’t really think too much about our air conditioning – until it goes out! Then we scramble madly to get an air conditioning contractor out to our home as soon as possible because it has to be fixed – and it has to be fixed immediately. But did you know that you can often avoid this scenario with just a little bit of regular maintenance?

Any Sacramento air conditioning contractor worth their salt will tell you that there are a number of things you can do and should know about your air conditioner in order to keep it running smoothly and increase its lifespan. Do you know how much a typical tune-up costs versus an annual service plan? How often should you have your A/C unit looked at? Are you aware of the various signs you should watch out for that may let you know when your air conditioner might need some help?

Check out the video below for answers:

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TITLE: 5 Things to Know about A/C Maintenance

ANGIE HICKS: A typical tune-up for an air conditioner is probably going to be about $70 to $100, but also keep in mind many companies do offer maintenance plans that might offer it at a little lower price by signing up for an entire year.

DARREN SKAGGS: It should be tuned up once a year every year. Also, if the outdoor coil is dirty, if the cooling capacity is not up to par, if they’re not getting airflow out – things like that could show that the air conditioner needs to be tuned up.

Going to the outdoor unit, we check the indoor coil, the outdoor coil, the capacitors, compressor, do an all-systems check on the electrical to make sure everything’s tightened, check the temperatures, make sure the system is efficient and operating as it should.

It is true that you can lose up to 5 percent efficiency if the system is not operating the way it’s supposed to. Such as dirty coils, overheated motors, lack of refrigerant affects how that system’s efficient. So as it goes through the year, it can lose efficiency if it’s not tuned up properly.

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