Sacramento Heating and Cooling Contractor Video: 4 Tips to Cut Cooling Costs

russ-johnson-construction-heating-and-cooling-contractorAs much as we all love using our air conditioning to keep our houses at the perfect temperature, no one likes having to pay an exorbitant bill from the utility company. Unfortunately, prices keep going up, so the onus is on individual homeowners to find ways to cut down on cooling costs while still managing to stay comfortable. But how?

There are a lot of people out there who havedifferent answers, but if you really want tips you can use, listen to a Sacramento heating and cooling contractor. The below video offers four surefire tips that are bound to help out anyone suffering from high utility bills for heating and cooling throughout the year:

To talk to a Sacramento heating and cooling contractor about more things you can do to lower your utility bills, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: 4 Tips to Help Cut Cooling Costs

ANGIE HICKS: We’re all looking for ways to save money this year, especially with our air conditioning costs. You can do simple things like not putting a lamp right by your thermostat, because that lamp will produce heat, which will cause your air conditioning to run even longer. According to industry experts, keeping your thermostat above 78 degrees could save you 8 percent on your utility bill each month. And each degree you go above that you go can save you another 8 percent. So you can really add up your savings, which can offset the costs of a programmable thermostat, which might run about $100.

JOHN TRAUB: Anytime the fan is on, you’re moving air through the system. So the typical 1-inch filter needs to be changed every month. If you have a media filter or a 4-inch filter you can change them less frequently, but it is very important to the life of the system to change your filters on a regular basis.

ANGIE HICKS: And also keep in mind if your air conditioner is over ten years old and you’re having some big repair issues with it, it’s probably a good time to replace it because there are some tax credits going on right now that can help you get a good deal.

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