Sacramento Home Contractor Video: 5 Curb Appeal Elements You Shouldn’t Ignore

Sacramanto remodeling contractorIf you’re trying to sell your home, you know that getting the price you want is as much about immediate appeal as it is selling a home that is structurally sound and well-maintained. It’s why you have to take pictures to get people interested, and it’s why houses that look good from the outside tend to sell faster – and for more money – than those that need a bit of TLC. But what should you do to increase the curb appeal of your home?

Some people immediately jump to bigger jobs to increase the value of their home, such as replacing windows or siding, fixing the roof, or getting a new door. These can certainly be a great way to get a better selling price, but any knowledgeable Sacramento home contractor will tell you that there are also things you can do on your own that may be just as valuable.

Check out this video for some DIY curb appeal tips:

Of course, if you do want to take on a bigger project as well, a qualified Sacramento home contractor is your best bet. Contact Russ Johnson Construction today to get started.


TITLE: 5 Curb Appeal Elements You Shouldn’t Ignore

ANGIE HICKS: If you’re on a budget and you don’t want to spend money on this project, the good news is it can be very do-it-yourself. So step across the street, look at your house from a distance, and think about ways that you can make it look clean and simplify it. And those are projects you can tackle. Whether it’s weeding flower beds, painting the front door – it’s the little things that will make the difference.

MIKE PUCKETT: One of the main things you can do for your home is make your front door look great. Because when you go in a home, that is the very first thing you see and it does leave an impression. And it’s also the last thing you see as you leave the home, so you want your front door to look good.

Weeds, grass, no color to the grass, low-lying limbs, shrubs above the window – all those type of things. Keep your yard green and weed-free. It’s not hard to do – a good weed-and-feed fertilizer. Nice flower beds are always an enhancement. You want to make sure your trim is nice and freshly painted.

This is a wonderful example of spotting your street number if it’s not really clear on your mailbox, because you don’t want someone to drive by and get discouraged. You want them to be able to find the house easily.

MAN: I had my house for sale, and the people who bought my house actually said to me, “We were driving down the street and we saw your home and my wife said, ‘That’s the one I want.’ Without ever seeing inside, that’s the one.” And it was because it was staged for my pleasure and for people in the neighborhood, but also to help sell the home.

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