Sacramento Kitchen Contractor Video: How to Design a Kitchen

24It doesn’t matter if you have a sprawling back yard or a huge master bedroom—a too-small kitchen can make your entire home feel cramped. Fortunately, a smart design and thoughtful layout can make even the smallest kitchen pack a big punch. When it comes to making a small kitchen feel big while maximizing efficiency, it comes down to three things: lighting, appliances, and—perhaps most importantly of all—storage.

Happily, there are thousands of clever storage solutions on the market today, from hideaway baskets to hanging shelves. Talk to a Sacramento kitchen contractor about storage ideas for your kitchen. With the help of an experienced contractor, you can design your dream kitchen in a tight space, creating a kitchen that maximizes function and visual appeal.

For one example of how you can get creative with storage space in your kitchen, check out the video below.

To talk to a Sacramento kitchen designer who can help you design your kitchen, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: How to Design a Kitchen

SPEAKER: What we’ve got here is a corner cabinet that’s got a hideaway basket system. Sometimes in kitchens you have to design it up. So you are presented with a blank corner. This mechanism allows you to get items on the shelf here. Once it’s loaded it simply slides away and tucks around the corner for easy access into a hard to get in corner. It’s very, very useful when you’ve got a kitchen design with a blank corner.

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