Sacramento Kitchen Contractor Video: How to Design a Small Kitchen

66With proper design, even the smallest kitchen spaces can be big on efficiency, function, and elegance. However, making the most out of your space-challenged kitchen requires smart planning.

When it comes to designing small kitchens, your first priority should be function. Your kitchen should have the appliances, workspaces, and special features it needs to facilitate its main function—cooking and meal prep. You can free up space by opting for a scaled-down version of your refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances.

Next, you can focus on your kitchen’s appeal and style. Create the illusion of a much larger kitchen with a clean design and simple color scheme. Incorporating sophisticated glass fixtures and atmospheric lighting can also do wonders to create the feeling of size in your home. Consult with a Sacramento kitchen contractor to discuss these and other strategies for designing a kitchen that is both efficient and visually attractive.

And for more ideas on designing small kitchens that pack a big punch, check out the video below.

To talk to a Sacramento kitchen contractor who can help you design your small kitchen, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: How to Design a Small Kitchen

MATHEW NORTH: Welcome to Slow Home Studio. Today is Wednesday, June 1, and we’re going to carry on our discussion that we started yesterday when we looked at the Lane Fab house in Vancouver, and John went out to Vancouver and interviewed the designer and principle of Lane Fab, Bryn Davidson.

Today, we’re going to talk about small kitchen design, because in a small house, and the Lane Fab house is about 700 square feet, the kitchen is a very critical design element, and it has to be designed well in order for the house to function properly. So I brought some examples of some small kitchen designs, and we’re gonna go through them.

So this is the Lane Fab house that we looked at yesterday. And this has a single sided kitchen, and we’ve been a little bit critical of single sided kitchens in Slow Homes over the past few months. But, single sided kitchens actually are, if they’re designed properly, can function really well. The trick with a single sided kitchen is you want to make sure that there is enough space between all of the appliances and that the sink and the cooktop and the fridge have sufficient counter space in between them, so that you are actually able to cook in them.

So here’s the picture of the single sided kitchen, and you can see it pulls all across the back wall there. Very cleanly designed, and the fridge is in a floor-to-ceiling volume, with a pantry shelving right next to it. So here’s a really good shot, and there’s a couple details here that are interesting that the designers have done. One is that they’ve got this long row of upper cabinets and you can see there is some backlighting behind the upper cabinets that is shining up onto the ceiling to provide a little bit of a light detail, and it’s making the whole thing appear to float. They’ve got a really great backsplash window right in front of the sink. They’ve also used not a full sized dishwasher, but they’ve used a dishwasher drawer, which allows you to have additional storage space underneath. And of course here’s a shot of that detail, I really like the detail of trying to get light into the countertop. Excellent idea. It’s going to make the kitchen feel brighter.

So this is another house by Lane Fab. And this is a slightly bigger house. It’s ten seventy square feet. And in this house they’ve done an L-shaped kitchen. And this is another option for small kitchen design. So the counters actually corner here, and they’ve got the fridge and the ovens tucked into this area here, which is a full height storage section. Then it steps back for the upper cabinets, which follows the slope of the ceiling. And again, there is that window behind the sink, and the cooktop is of course around the corner on the other side. Here’s a detail of the sink. It’s very nice to have the window right behind the sink for the ventilation.

And this is another house. This is 1,000 square foot house from Reigo & Bauer, and they’re architects that we’ve featured before on Slow Home. They are from Toronto, and this is their beach house. This is an island kitchen. And everything in this kitchen is very functional, but it’s all just shrunk down a little bit in size. So if we have a look, in detail, the island has an overhang, so it allows for counter seating. So the distance here’s twenty four inches deep. The distance between the edge of the counter and the back counter is pushed a little bit. It’s probably just under three feet. And then you’ll notice they’ve talked the fridge into this floor-to-ceiling pantry at the end. So looking at it in more detail, you can see that everything is a little bit tighter than what you would get in the larger house. And also, the appliances themselves have been scaled to fit the small kitchen. So we have a European style fridge, which is narrower than the typical thirty inch fridge. We have a wall oven and a microwave stacked for efficiency. And we have a cook top that is twenty four inches. And, as well, we have the sink which is right on the end, allowing seating on the side, and it’s a single sink.

So that’s some ideas that we’ve got for small kitchen design. And the reason I’m bringing this up is we are going to be doing a design project later in the week, we are going to introduce it on Friday, where we are going to be working on the design of a small space. So, see you tomorrow.

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