Sacramento Kitchen Designer Video: Design Tips: How to Accessorize a Kitchen

17When it comes to home decoration, kitchens are too often ignored. Dismissing the kitchen as merely functional, homeowners focus their decorating, accessorizing, and styling efforts to other rooms in the home. But considering how the kitchen is one of the most frequented and essential spaces in a house, it’s worth giving yours a bit of love and a glimmer of your own personal style.

A Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor can help you remodel your kitchen, working with you to design a kitchen that is both efficient and visually attractive. You can further personalize your kitchen with accessories, which can add convenience, visual appeal, and finishing touches to the room. From space-saving appliances to organizers to decorative lights, kitchen accessory options abound.

For ideas on accessorizing your newly remodeled kitchen, check out the video below.

To talk to a Sacramento kitchen designer who can help you design your kitchen, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: Design Tips: How to Accessorize a Kitchen

KELLI ELLIS: Hi, I’m Kelli Ellis of Kelli Ellis Interiors, and this is how to accessorize your kitchen.

When accessorizing your kitchen and looking for the “wow” factor—that designer look—you want to think about two things. You want to think about color and you want to think about theme.

So, when you’re thinking about the theme of your kitchen, I’m not talking about “everything’s Moroccan, so I need to have a Moroccan kitchen” or “everything’s Asian, I’ve got to have an Asian look,” and that’s it. I’m thinking about color theme.

So if you’ve got neutral tones, and you’ve added a poppa color, you might want to add that poppa color in your accessories as well. And also think about scale.

Now, check this out. We’ve got a lot of room up here, and we’ve got lots to display, but you’ll notice a mix of things—a mix of finishes. We’ve got shiny, we’ve got wood, we’ve got iron.

And there we have the white poppa color. That happens to be the accent I needed in this kitchen. So remember, when you’re accessorizing your kitchen, and you’re looking for things to give it that “wow” factor, think about the color, think about the finish, and think about the size, and don’t be afraid of any of it.

Once again, I’m Kelli Ellis, and that was how to accessorize your kitchen. If you have any questions, go to

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