Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling Video: How to Design a Townhouse Kitchen

If you are the owner of a townhouse, you’re probably keenly aware of all its pros and cons. On the positive side, buying a townhome may give you the financial flexibility to purchase a newer property and live in a nicer community. But on the negative side, your townhouse may be shaped a bit smaller and thinner than a single family home would be. And that is never more obvious than when you are in the design phase of a townhouse kitchen remodeling job. However, with the right help and creativity, you’ll be amazed at how many positives a well-designed townhouse kitchen remodeling job can bring to your home.

The kitchen might be the most important room in the home. As the space that literally provides the fuel to make your family go, your kitchen needs to be a place where you are comfortable. For a lot of people, that means it must be clean and modern, which is why it is one of the most common rooms for homeowners to have remodeled. That being said, the size and shape of your townhome will certainly limit your townhouse kitchen remodeling options. But with the right amount of creativity from an experienced Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor, it is possible to not only maximize your available space to create a modern kitchen you will love, but also to actually design a kitchen that will make your entire home feel bigger and more open.

For some tips and examples on townhouse kitchen remodeling, please take a look at the video below.

If you are interested in kitchen remodeling for your townhouse, condo, or single family home, please contact the experienced Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractors at Russ Johnson Construction for more information or a free estimate.


TITLE: How to Design a Townhouse Kitchen

TEXT: Kitchen: Good Space Design

NARRATION: “The sixth step to a slow home is a good kitchen. A slow home has a compact kitchen with an efficient layout, good work surfaces, and sufficient storage. The kitchen is the workhorse of any house. At the same time it’s one of the most popular and well-used living areas. Balancing these two requirements can be challenging in the narrow width of a townhouse.

In my home, the kitchen is located in the center of the plan, and is part of an open loft space that includes both the living and dining areas. The layout starts with a peninsula eating bar that faces out to the living space. In addition to providing a good space for casual eating, the counter creates a natural separation for the working part of the kitchen without isolating the cook from the rest of the living space. To create an effective work triangle, the refrigerator is situated on one side of the kitchen, with the sink on the opposite counter, and the cook top at the end. The result is a kitchen that is a great place to cook, and maintains a strong connection to the rest of the house.

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