Sacramento Bathroom Design Video: Bathroom Trends

When you are renovating your bathroom, there are plenty of different directions you could choose to take the new design in. Maybe you’ve seen styles in the homes of your friends or family that you want to emulate. Or a bathroom in the house of your favorite TV family that inspired you. Whatever the case may be, having some thoughts and ideas to discuss with your Sacramento bathroom design contractor can be extremely valuable, resulting in a finished room that more fits your wants and needs. You can also look into some standard bathroom styles and trends such as classic, authentic, and contemporary, which could give you inspiration for your own bathroom. Then, you can put your personal touch on these great styles.

If you are looking for more of a “classic” look in your bathroom, you may want to go with a black and white vintage motif. You can even modernize it and add a touch of personality by selecting one bright color and accenting the room with it. For more of an “authentic” look, you are probably looking at more gray or steel type tones, which can be accented with various textured items. And for that “contemporary” look, you have a wider selection of colors you can use, which you can match to your vanities and other items. Each person, home, and bathroom is different, so make sure you go with a style that suits your tastes.

To learn more about these bathroom styles, please take a look at the video below:

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TITLE: Bathroom Trends

NARRATION: The Ronamag team presents you today with three inspired bathroom decors. Visit them with us and discover how you too can make your bathroom a functional and stylish part of your living space.

The decor of this vintage style bathroom is inspired by the twenties. Delicate decorative elements add a touch of romanticism, while various moldings, combined with black-and-white mosaic tiling, give the classic feel to the room. Dress up your ceiling with a coat of brightly colored paint to achieve this classic look and invigorate your bathroom space. Then, punctuate with matching accents and accessories such as towels and flower arrangements, which serve to accentuate the charm and elegance of this bathroom.

Choose monochrome tones of blue, steel gray, or sandy beige to obtain a fresh, streamlined look in your bathroom. Add character with textured wall tiles. The dynamic motif on these shower tiles resembles waves, movement, and harmony to the room. The combination of contrast material, such as the gray wood grained vanity, coupled with organic or urban style accessories are the basis of an authentic décor. Paint is the ideal decorating tool with which to modernize your bathroom without having to start from scratch.

In a contemporary style bathroom like this vivid shades of yellow, turquoise, and even violent create an avant-garde and dynamic atmosphere. Lacquered finishes and services also add to its twenty-first century feel. The contrasting black and white panels of the matching vanities make a bold statement, blending in perfectly with the intense wall color, while also offering endless possibilities of the complementary colors that can be used. Finally, the geometric shapes and sharp lines of the tiling and other elements in the room fuse the overall style of this contemporary bathroom.

Creating a functional bathroom with an inspired decor is easier than you think. Just a few key elements, such as a standout wall color and a choice selection materials and textures, are needed to reveal the unique style of your bathroom. Matching hardware finishes, as well as colorful accessories that accent your walls, will create a harmonious and successful bathroom decor

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