Sacramento Bathroom Remodeling Video: Basic Tips for Designing a Small Bathroom

When it comes to our homes, we all like to have our space. Having to cook in a cramped kitchen, shove things in an undersized closet, or watch TV from only a couple feet away in our tiny living room are things we avoid at all costs when purchasing and renovating our homes. And the same holds true for our bathrooms, which can sometimes be designed in a way that makes renovating them to actually change their size difficult or impossible. But that doesn’t mean they have to feel cramped and confined. That’s because a creative Sacramento bathroom remodeling contractor will know a ton of tricks and strategies that take the current footprint of your small bathroom and turn it into a bathroom that feels much more spacious.

But how can a Sacramento bathroom remodeling contractor make your small bathroom feel like a much bigger space without knocking down walls or affecting other rooms in your home? For starters, they will help you locate the most appropriate and space-saving places for you to store your bathroom items. This may not seem like much, but fitting a cabinet in the perfect spot can save a ton of space when designing a small bathroom. Another thing your Sacramento bathroom remodeling contractor will help you with is choosing a color scheme that makes your bathroom feel bigger. Along with changing the texture of your bathroom walls, these visual changes can make the room feel much more spacious and airy. You also may want to go with a smaller toilet, shower, and sink, as it is never a good idea to cram giant fixtures into a small bathroom.

Take a look at the video below to find more tips on how to redesign a small bathroom so that it feels much larger:

To learn more about how you can make the small bathrooms in your home feel much more spacious, contact Sacramento bathroom remodeling contractor Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: Basic Tips for Designing a Small Bathroom

NARRATION: Hi, I’m Rick Goldstein, and I wanted to give you some tips on small bathroom design. When designing a new small bathroom, it’s always important to get every nook and cranny figured out before actually starting the project. For example, look for storage space anywhere and everywhere. There may be places that you can store behind and over the toilet. Maybe over the top of a tub or shower. And even in medicine cabinets if the ability is there. You can also look for storage inside of cabinets, behind the doors, robe hooks, towel hooks behind the doors and on the walls. Any place that you can find just a few square inches would be very helpful. Think three-dimensionally as opposed to two-dimensionally.

Make sure that the size of the fixtures is appropriate to the scale of the space. Small toilets look better in a small space. Small vanities look better in a small space. So, size each fixture appropriately to the space.

Things to avoid in a bathroom may include overcrowding the space. It would include dark colors. You want light colors to make the space feel larger. And make sure that the lighting is appropriate and bright enough to make the space feel bigger.

In regard to layout of a small bathroom, things that I like to include is making sure that the toilet is tucked away behind a door so that it is not seen if the door is opened. And making best use of the floor space so that you don’t have to walk very far between each fixture.

If possible in a small space, consider textures on the walls. Maybe a bead board or a tile wainscoating. Think about different colors to make the room feel a little larger. And even if there is a way to get natural light into the space, that always helps a small bathroom feel a lot better.

And those are a few tips for designing a small bathroom.

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