Sacramento Contractor Video: Don’t Ignore Your Gutters

Even though it isn’t usually one of the first parts of a home to cross people’s minds, the gutters on your house are incredibly important. When in good working order, your gutters can be an invaluable tool in the prevention of water damage. But when not maintained properly, they may end up as nothing more than a nuisance. If properly maintained, gutters can last around 25 years. That’s why it’s necessary that you have them cleaned regularly by a professional. And if it’s time for your gutters to be replaced, do not hesitate to bring in a Sacramento contractor who has experience with that type of work to rip out your old gutters and replace them with new ones that will help protect your home.

Regular maintenance is the best practice for most things around the home, and gutters are no exception. Even if you have gutter guards, leaves can still get in and cause a clog. That’s when the real problems begin. These problems can start with water leaking into your home. And if left for too long, you may need to replace your gutters even if they are only a few years old, costing you much more than it would cost just to do the proper maintenance in the first place. But if you take gutter maintenance seriously, you won’t need new gutters for a very long time.

To hear more about proper gutter maintenance, please watch the video below:

To talk to a Sacramento contractor who can inspect your gutters and tell you if they need to be replaced, please contact Russ Johnson Construction here.


TITLE: Don’t Ignore Your Gutters

NARRATION: Your gutters should last about twenty years, so it’s important to properly maintain them. But more importantly, your gutters are your first defense against water coming into your house.

I would say three times a year would be sufficient to have your gutters checked and serviced and cleaned out. I’ve seen saying gathering systems last twenty-five years if they’re cleaned.

When it comes the gutter cleaning, it seems like a very simple task. But I really urge people to consider hiring someone for this task. Many of us don’t have the proper ladder in order to clean their gutters and all too often we hear about injuries from people falling off ladders.

I think everybody ought to think of some kinda leave protection. It prevents a lot of things from happening. People just clean them one time, that’s it, and in the winter time they’re stopped up all the ice and weights in them, then they see all the damage in the spring.

Gutter guards can do a great job for reducing the amount of leaves and actually get into your gutters, but it doesn’t mean that you are now completely maintenance-free. You still wanna have your gutters inspected annually to make sure they’re in good condition.

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