Sacramento Flooring Contractor Video: Advantages of Tile in Your Home

If you have decided to renovate the floors throughout your entire home, or just a few rooms, you are no-doubt in the process of deciding on a flooring type to use. The most common floor materials on the market today are tile, wood, laminate, and carpet. Each of these has their own advantages, but none may be greater than tile. Simply put, if you choose the right Sacramento flooring contractor to install your new tile floors, they can last you virtually forever. That is why tile is such a popular choice for many people, and why you should give it serious consideration for your home.

The biggest single advantage that tile floors have over other types of flooring is longevity. If they are installed correctly, your floors will last a lifetime. But there are also other major advantages, such as durability. As long as you keep these floors clean and maintained (which is a very simple thing to do with tile), they will keep their beauty for years and years. However, if they are not installed and sealed correctly, you could lose some of this durability and longevity. That is why it is imperative that you have your new tile floor installed by a reputable Sacramento flooring contractor who will do the job right.

To hear some more advantages of installing tile floors in your home, please take a look at the following video:

To speak with a reputable Sacramento flooring contractor who specializes in tile, please contact Russ Johnson Construction here.


TITLE: Advantages of Tile in Your Home

NARRATION: Homeowners really like tie for countertops, backsplash, even for flooring because it’s versatile and durable.

The advantage of tile verses let’s say carpet, tile is extremely durable and it’ll generally last as long as you continue to maintenance and keep it clean and seal it. Most the tiles are stone porcelain or ceramic, witch are poured and sorta made like pottery, which, you know, I mean it can last a lifetime. The biggest advantage I tell my clients of doing tile is again the longevity that you get out of it versus a carpet or even hardwood. Generally, cleaning and maintenance, what I found that works the best is steam cleaning seems to really get the dirt and grime. But commonly to just maintain and clean it on a daily basis, you know the sweeping and mopping it. You wanna stay away from Bleaches and ammonia-based products. Those’ll tend to make the tile fade or break down the grout. Then the most important thing when maintenancing a tile substrate is to have it sealed. The sealer is really really important. That extends the longevity and durability and the color and the sheen, so you really need to keep it sealed.

Installing tile isn’t for the inexperienced because you can have problems if it’s not done properly. If the grout isn’t dried all the way, if it’s not sealed properly, or if you have loose tiles, it can lead to damage and problems with the actual tile.

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