Sacramento Home Contractor Video: Watch Attic Stair Part One

45While attics can provide homeowners with much needed storage space, not all attics are easily accessed. By installing an attic stairway or ladder, you can create a safe and convenient means to access your hidden storage space.
There are a variety of preassembled attic staircases available from retailers like Home Depot and Lowes, but the installation process can seem daunting. Installing attic stairs requires cutting a hole in the ceiling of your home, which can upset the structural integrity or interfere with electrical wiring if not handled correctly. However, an experienced Sacramento home contractor can install an attic stairway in your home with precision, and in a way that is both secure and aesthetically appealing.
The process of installing a set of stairs for your attic involves cutting an opening in the ceiling, adding supports, dropping the stairway into place, and securing it. To learn more about the process, you can watch the video below.

To speak with a Sacramento home contractor who can help you install a staircase for your attic, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.

TITLE: Watch Attic Stair Part One
NARRATOR: Okay all you dusty guys and dusty gals! Attic stairs. We’re going to put in attic stairs today. And it’s a kind of a difficult project. So you can be working on it all day long. Maybe it ought to take a weekend to do it.
But it’s hardest to layout—that’s what scares most people. The layout, and the cutting of the ceiling—you know, wondering if they’re going to cut into a major joist, or a supporting wall, or something. And it’s not that difficult if you just take your time, and I’ll show you what to look for before you even begin to cut into your ceiling. And also to able to cut a square or a trapezoid or something like that in order to be able to yourself straight.
Alright, the first thing is to get the box. And it’s the rough size of the opening you need to cut, so we’ll do that first. And what we’ll do is we’ll take this box, and we’re going to cut it along the creased edges because that is the exact size of the rough opening that you need to cut.
So what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and cut it, because we have to take our stairs out anyway, and then we’ll put it up on the ceiling. You can see the square of it, and it’s supposed to be 25.25 x 54. That’s the size of this box—25.25 x 54.
Alright, if you have a closet or something, and you have no access to the area that you want to put the added stair…. I mean, most places have some kind of access. But just in case you don’t: cut your hole in the closet. That way, it doesn’t matter how poorly it gets patched, because it’s not going to be seen.
We’re going to take this. This is our template.
There we go! And what we’ll do is we’re going to put this on our ceiling where we want the attic stairs.
That’s where our attic stair is going to go. And the nice thing about it is that we can move it around to where it looks the best. Which in that case, that’s about as good as we’re going to do it.
To find out what happens, watch the video!

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