Sacramento Home Painting Video: Planning Is Key for Interior Paint Projects

Home Painting Interior SacramentoIf you’re planning to repaint your home in Sacramento, it’s important to think about the type of paint you want to use, your budget, and the difficulty of the rooms you’re painting before you get started. When choosing a paint, you’ll want to consider both appearance and durability. Some homeowners choose a semi-gloss paint because it tends to be shinier, while other people prefer a more subdued flat paint. Others appreciate satin paints because they are durable and washable, making them good choices for high-traffic areas like the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom.

You may want to work with a Sacramento interior painting contractor , as he or she can likely get you a better price on paint than you would get on your own. A contractor can also help you with difficult painting jobs, such as high ceilings or walls in bad condition. Your contractor should protect your floor and furniture by covering everything with a thin plastic sheet before starting their prep work. That way, you’ll get a clean, finished look without having any surprise paint splatters on your favorite couch or chair.

To learn more about what you need to take into consideration before you actually start painting, check out the video below:

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TITLE: Planning Is Key for Interior Painting Projects

NARRATION: Determining whether you can paint a room yourself is really up to your skill level and the particular room. A lot of people think they can paint themselves, but if you have high ceilings or walls in difficult condition, keep in mind that the quality of the paint job really depends on the prep work, so if you have walls in bad condition, you may really want to consider hiring a painting contractor.

GREG RAYNE: We have flat paint, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss; [those] are the ones that we usually use. A flat paint is a little bit on the dull side. As you go towards the gloss and the semi-gloss, it gets shinier. Satin is what we usually recommend for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and high traffic areas because of their durability and their washability.

ANGIE HICKS: When it comes to paint, you’re going to get what you pay for, but keep in mind there’s a wide range of paint quality in order to fit your budget, and if you’re having a contractor do the painting in your house, talk to them because they can potentially get a better rate on the paint than you would buying it retail.

GREG RAYNE: One of the biggest concerns is protecting the home—the flooring, the furniture—so we have to move the furniture and use thin plastics to cover everything. And then, of course, you can start the prep work. Some of it’s going to be dusty, so again, try to contain that mess; it’s very important.

ANGIE HICKS: Lead paint is absolutely still a concern, especially if you live in a house built prior to 1978 because that’s when lead paint was outlawed. If you do have an older home and you’re considering doing paint work, you really do need to find a contractor who has lead paint safety training.

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