Sacramento Home Remodeling Contractor Video: How to Plan a Remodel

In a lot of cases, people know that they want to remodel their home, but they do not really know where to begin. They don’t know what their options are, what rooms they should focus on, what today’s design trends are, or even how to get started. And without all of this information, remodeling your home and getting an outcome you love can be extremely difficult. But there are many ways that even the least experienced homeowner can easily get the information they need in order to get started with remodeling their home. You may also be able to get a lot of help from an experienced Sacramento home remodeling contractor, who can work with you from the design phase all the way through a completed remodel of your home.

If you would like some inspiration when you are first starting to plan your remodel, a great idea is to go and check out communities in your area that are currently being built. Look at the models to discover new design trends that you may want to incorporate into your own home. You may even want to take a camera so you can reference all of the visuals later. Another valuable tool at your disposal is your local home improvement store. These stores offer plenty of products that might fit your wants and needs, and normally have a well-educated staff who can work with you. Once you have some thoughts on the basic types of things you want in your remodel, it is time to contact your local Sacramento home remodeling contractor. You may want to ask friends to refer a contractor to you, or call a few of them out to your home to give you competing estimates. If they are top-notch, these contractors will also be able to give you some great remodeling ideas that you may have never come across. Then, they will work with you to plan your home remodel from start to finish.

To learn more about planning a remodel, please check out the video below:

To speak with your Sacramento home remodeling contractor about planning a remodel for your home, please contact the professionals at Russ Johnson Construction here.


TITLE: How to Plan a Remodel

NARRATION: Okay, I’m Tim Gbson, and I’m going to talk to you about how to plan a remodel. Now the first thing that you want to do is you want to get some good ideas as far as what type of remodel that you want to do. Now, some good suggestions for that is to go out in a lot of the new neighborhoods where they have model homes and take a camera with you. And most of those folks will be very good about letting you look around. But then you can look in the various rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, which are really the two main focuses that we have for remodeling your home and also two areas that add the most value to your home when they’re remodeled. Now, keep in mind when you’re planning a remodel you want to consider your neighborhood and the type of homes that you have. And one thing you want to be careful about is making sure that you don’t overbuild or over remodel a home. Because if you do too much, you won’t be able to re-coup that investment when you go to sell your home.

So, once you have visited some model homes, you may also want to visit some home improvement stores. They have several people on staff that can give you ideas and work with you. Depending on the scope of work that you’re going to have, you may want to meet with an interior designer or an architect. But once you’ve pulled those together then you’ve got your basic ideas.

The next is to develop a plan. You’ll want to take measurements. So if we’re going to remodel this kitchen, we want to take all the measurements and then we’d want to use a ruler, and we actually want to draw this layout on this piece of paper. And that’s going to be the starting point.

Then we want to have a list of all the things that we want to do. Whether it’s paint, counter tops, cabinets, or appliances, we want to have all those lists and we want to prioritize. And once we do that, then we gotta decide whether this is going to be a do it yourself job, whether this is going to be extensive remodeling you’re going to decide whether you’re going to need an architect or a contractor. And if you do, what you want to do is meet with a couple of the architects if you’re actually going to have a design done. Get some of their ideas. Get at least two or three. Sit down, they’ll actually present the ideas, present the cost of doing that. And then once you develop your plan, then you’ll need to select a contractor. It’s a good recommendation that you select contractors that have some references, and then get at least three competitive bids. And then you can evaluate the bids and evaluate the contractor you’re going to work with. So if you go through those steps, then you’ll be able to properly plan a remodel for your home. So, I’m Tim Gipson, and that’s how to plan a remodel.

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