Sacramento Home Remodeling Contractor Video: How to Remodel a Small Condo/Apartment and Make It Bright, Big, and Airy

Whether it’s a main place of residence or a vacation home, many people spend a lot of their time in apartments or condos that are a little on the small side. In a lot of cases, this means a small kitchen, small bathrooms, and not a lot of space to hang out and entertain guests in. This may seem like a problem that will limit your options when you want to remodel your condo. But in reality, a remodel may be just the thing you need to help make your small condo into a space that feels much more bright, big, and airy. And with the help of a creative Sacramento home remodeling contractor, you may be able to do just that.

Your contractor may have many tricks up their sleeve when it comes to making your small apartment look and feel much bigger. For starters, European appliances will help a tremendous amount in the kitchen. In addition, adding an island or a breakfast bar could improve your space a lot. A breakfast bar, for example, can double as a great work space if you need to bring your day job home on occasion. There are also many creative ways available that will allow you to share your exterior space with your interior space in order to make your place feel much bigger. A great example of this is a NanaWall, which can replace your French doors or sliding glass doors. This glass wall can be folded completely open, allowing the open air of your outdoor space to become a temporary part of your indoor space, thereby giving your condo a much more open, airy feel.

To learn more about how you can remodel your small condo or apartment to make it feel much more bright, big, and airy, check out the video below:

To speak with your Sacramento home remodeling contractor about ways you may be able to make your small condo feel much larger, please contact the creative team at Russ Johnson Construction here.


TITLE: How to Remodel a Small Condo/Apartment and Make It Bright, Big, and Airy

NARRATION: Hi, my name is Jennifer Taormina at Domestic Concierge, and today we’re at a condo in Nob Hill in San Francisco California where we’re overseeing a complete remodel. We hired and collaborated with the general contractor, lighting designer, and interior decorator to do a complete floor-to-ceiling remodel.

We gutted the entire condo and update all the wiring throughout. We redid the kitchen and bathroom, and added more closet space. While my busy client is working in New York, we’re gonna make sure that her remodeler is completed on time with and budget.

Hi, welcome back. We’re back at the remodel. Let’s see what Leonardo Construction and Michael Gismet did to create this fabulous new space.

We installed this NanaWall to open up the space to bring in more light. It opens up all the way, so now you can bring your living room out your patio and have a great dinner party. You can sit back and relax and enjoy some fresh air.

Here we are back in the kitchen. And the kitchen space is actually quite small. So, to maximize the functionality and the kitchen, we installed European appliances. We also installed an island that is definitely a multifunctional. You can cook, you can eat, and you can also pull up your laptop and do some work.

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