Sacramento Kitchen Design Video: Designing a Kitchen with Individual Style

If you are giving serious thought to redesigning and renovating your kitchen, you will have many important decisions to make. Things such as aesthetics, convenience, and even kitchen safety must all be considered and discussed with your Sacramento kitchen design contractor. That could mean picking out flooring materials, wall colors, cabinet styles, countertops, new appliances, and even redesigning your entire kitchen layout if you want to do a full remodel. And while looking online, in magazines, and at your friends’ homes is a great place to start when it comes to kitchen design ideas, the place you really need to search the hardest for inspiration is in your own mind.

Designing a kitchen that’s right for you starts with the overall feel. There may be a style you are particularly into, and would like to incorporate into the overall design. Remember, just because the look you want isn’t a common one doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. It is your kitchen, so it should be designed in a way that makes you happy. But that doesn’t mean you should overlook the realities of your lifestyle and the way that you interact with your kitchen. For example, if your children are all grown up and out of the house, so you only cook dinner a couple times a week, you may not need to go with an extremely high-end, chef-like array of cooking appliances. Similarly, if you don’t store a lot of food in the house, you may want to avoid getting a giant, oversized refrigerator. Remember, the space you save by going with a smaller appliance can be utilized on something that really benefits you, like more cabinet space. Whatever the case may be, when you are thinking about your new kitchen design, be open and honest with both yourself and your Sacramento kitchen design contractor about the things you truly want and need, and you will end up with a kitchen that exceeds all your expectations.

To hear more ways you can go about designing a kitchen with an individual style of your own, please take a look at the video below:

If you would like to speak to a professional Sacramento kitchen design contractor who can help you cultivate some of your kitchen design style thoughts and shape them into a great plan for your kitchen remodel, please contact the experts at Russ Johnson Construction here.


TITLE: Designing a Kitchen with Individual Style

NARRATION: Home magazines are a great place to find inspiration for a new kitchen. But remember, those spaces were all created for someone else. To create a more personal space that you can truly call your own, it’s important to incorporate ideas that match not only your home’s style, but also your lifestyle.

Think about how space flows with the rest of your home, and take a realistic look at how you use your kitchen. After all, a great looking professional range may not be the best investment if you’re someone who spends more time ordering takeout. And why take up space displaying a wine collection when your real passion is a cookie jar collection. Take this loft style kitchen for example. This compact, efficient space may have felt cramped with a traditional layout, but by placing the large refrigerator around the corner, the homeowners freed up more room for cooking and entertaining.

If your kitchen is open to the living area like this space, you’ll want to choose materials that combine function and beauty. This Dupoint Corian solid surface countertop has all the durable performance benefits you’d expect from Corian. And it gives the space an extra dash of style. Colors like Sorrel add extra interest by catching the light and creating a sense of movement when viewed from different angles. In fact, with over 150 colors of Corian and Zodiac, there are endless ways to express your style. You can even mix surfaces in the same kitchen.

There are many ways to infuse your kitchen with personality, and your choices say a lot about you. Obviously, the person who incorporated this convenient pot filler into their backsplash is much different from the person who selected these small inconspicuous appliances.

In this large kitchen, an island topped with a Dupont Zodiac quartz surface creates an expansive, continuous work surface. And this island does triple duty as a prep, cleanup, and eating area. A large family is probably running a full dishwasher after every meal. They may even want two to make entertaining easier. But another couple may find that two dishwasher drawers give them more flexibility and energy savings.

Remember, no two people are the same, and no two people have the same perfect kitchen. Look for materials and solutions that really suit you and your family. It makes the difference between having a “me too” kitchen and a kitchen you can really call your own.

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