Sacramento Kitchen Design Video: How to Design a Kitchen

Photo by Lee Geurts via cc

Depending on your budget and original kitchen layout, you sometimes run into certain obstacles and limitations when you decide to have your kitchen remodeled. This could be because of many reasons, such as the original kitchen being very small, the layout having on odd shape to it, or the appliances being in places that do not fit your needs. But don’t worry. If you hire a creative Sacramento kitchen contractor who has previous experience designing kitchens with these types of problems, you will end up with a great room that fits all of your needs.

So, what if the location of your appliances has always bothered you? Depending on your Sacramento kitchen design contractor’s skills and creativity, they may be able to place your new appliances in locations that you will love. For example, there are certain kitchen designs where it is beneficial to the spacing to put your refrigerator around the corner. It may sound odd at first, but once it’s there, you will see how much it opens up you kitchen. Or how about if your cabinets have been designed in a way that makes some of them inaccessible and useless? You could certainly use that extra space, right? Well, it may be possible to create that extra cabinet space without even changing the layout of the cabinets themselves. How, you ask? Take a look at the video below to see an example of what one creative contractor did to solve this problem.

If you would like to talk to a creative Sacramento kitchen design contractor about some unique kitchen design ideas for your home, please contact Russ Johnson Construction here.


TITLE: How to Design a Kitchen

NARRATION: What we’ve got here is a corner cabinet that’s got a hideaway basket system. Sometimes in kitchens you have to design it up. So you are presented with a blank corner. This mechanism allows you to get items on the shelf here. Once it’s loaded it simply slides away and tucks around the corner for easy access into a hard to get in corner. It’s very, very useful when you’ve got a kitchen design with a blank corner.

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