Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling Video: How to Get Started

You know that you want to redesign and remodel your kitchen, and you know you will need the help of a reputable Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor that you can trust. But what you might not know is just how you should get started. Now, you may want to give that contractor a ring and get him or her over to your house, but there are some things you should probably do first. For starters, you need to decide about how long you plan to live in the home. If you are planning to be there long term, that will give you the freedom to go with basically any style choice your heart desires. But if you plan on selling your house in the next few years, you may want to limit your options to styles that are more mainstream. That way you won’t hurt your home’s resale value.

Once you’ve determined whether you think you will be in the house long or short term, you can certainly give a call to that kitchen remodeling contractor. However, many homeowners like to first get prepared so they have some sort of idea of what they want. A great way to do this is with a home design computer program. One good example of this is Homestyler, which is a free online program that lets you play around with different designs for your kitchen, even letting you see the results in 3D. That way, you will be able to get a better idea of how appliances fit, what wall colors will look like with certain flooring patterns, or pretty much any look or style you’d like to try. Now, once your top-tier Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor comes over for a consultation, you will have already gotten started on the design and will have some great ideas to share with them.

To learn more about how these computer programs can help you get started on your new kitchen design, please take a look at the video below:

To speak to an experienced Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor who can help put these ideas into play in your kitchen, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: How to Get Started

NARRATION: Hi. I’m Nadia Geller, interior designer for Homestyler. Today I’m here on location at the Bellato showroom in New York City to talk about how to get started with a kitchen remodel. It’s a big job, but with the right planning tools, you can try out all sorts of things before you even buy a teapot. First, you need to think ahead. Are you planning to sell your home within the next few years? If so, you’ll want to stick to a more mainstream style to make your home easier to sell. But if you’re going to be living in it for a while, you can select whatever you like the most. These considerations are so important to helping you make wise decisions when remodeling.

Once you’ve taken time frames into consideration, and you really understand what you want from your kitchen, start looking for things that appeal to you. This is where a home design program really helps. This one is Homestyler. It’s a free online service, and it lets you create endless layouts in 3D. You can experiment with all sorts of things for your new kitchen. It can help you decide on everything from wall colors to appliances before you lift a paintbrush or spend a dime. It’s so important to see it ahead of time, and 3D really helps.

One couple I worked with couldn’t agree on whether or not to have the grill outside or a cooktop grill in the island. We played around with the layout like I’m doing now with this one, and we quickly came to a decision they were both happy with. Have fun creating new layouts. Try different things, and sample layouts from other Homestyler users. And don’t forget to print out your designs. Start a binder and include other ideas and pictures from magazines. Once you choose a layout the whole family loves, it’s time to meet with some professionals. They can help you make the best decisions for your big remodel. Be sure to choose people whose work you have seen, and who come highly recommended by friends or neighbors.

Most of all, have fun creating your new, fabulous kitchen.

I’m Nadia Geller. To start designing your dream kitchen today, go to

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