Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling Video: Interior Design Ideas for the Kitchen – Appliances, Flooring, and Countertops

Inspiration and ideas are the best place to start when it comes to redesigning and renovating your old kitchen. Whether you are looking to redo your flooring, replace your countertops, swap out your old appliances for more modern ones, or completely renovate every aspect of your kitchen, making sure you choose the right products is essential. One great way to get inspiration is to do some research. Look through websites and magazines for design styles that jump out at you. Or talk to friends who have kitchens that you like to find out what they did and how happy they are with the outcome. You may also want to speak with them about the Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor who did their job to find out if they were happy with the process.

When you are coming up with ideas for your new kitchen, one place you might want to start is with the floors, which create a basis point for you to work around. Some of the popular floor types to choose from are tile, wood, and the versatile laminate, which comes in many patterns that mimic other flooring types. Once you’ve chosen the floor type you think you want, it’s time to move on to on to your countertops. Popular kitchen countertop types include granite, quartz, and even marble. Pick one that fits your design tastes… and goes with your floors. Then, move on to appliances. What level appliances do you need? Will just the standard home appliances do, or are you a cooking connoisseur who wants a chef’s kitchen? Also, what visual style do you want from your appliances? The modern feel of stainless steel? The newly popular “hidden” appliances that have a veneer that matches the rest of the kitchen. All of this will depend on the previous design choices you have made.

To hear about more interior design ideas for your kitchen, please take a look at the video below:

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TITLE: Interior Design Ideas for the Kitchen – Appliances, Flooring, and Countertops

NARRATION: Hi, I’m Nadia Geller, interior designer for Homestyler. Today, I’m going to help you choose floors, appliances, and countertops for your kitchen remodel.

First things first, start researching. Look through magazines and design books. Take photos of kitchens you like, and ask questions of your friends. Keep everything together in a binder, so you can refer to it as you go through the process. There are so many options that the project may seem overwhelming at first. This is where a good design program can really help. I like Homestyler. It’s a free online service that helps you visualize your ideas in a real design layout, so you can actually see how things will look. Get going by entering your kitchen’s dimensions and placing the cabinets according to your current floorplan.

Now, start at your feet. What kind of flooring do you like? Tile, wood, laminate, there’s even concrete. Plug your favorites into your layout, and then switch your view to 3D to see how they look with your cabinets. Experiment with different styles and textures. Maybe you’ve always loved the look of pine floors. But will they work with your cabinets?

Once you have some idea of the floor you want, move on to your countertops. Think about what kind of surface you want. There’s man-made, stone, and tile. Now pick a few and see how they’ll look with the floors you liked.

Next step, appliances. What kind will you need? Standard, chef, or commercial grade? Do you cook a lot of meals? Will you host a big family dinner once a year? Take stock of both your daily and occasional kitchen needs. The program lets you click on “Appliances.” Even different brand names and finishes. You drag and drop them into your kitchen layouts.

Now that you have the basics in, you can start playing with fixtures. Look carefully at these. It’s an important decision, because you really want them both to look good and function well. There’s nothing worse than a tricky faucet. Play around. Indulge your imagination. And save your designs online so you can come back to them later. Or share them and get ideas and feedback from friends.

Trying lots of things now will help you be more confident when you do finally make those expensive decisions. I’m Nadia Geller.

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