Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling Video: Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

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Have you been hoping for a brand new kitchen this holiday season, but just don’t think your family can afford to have your Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor do a complete renovation? Well, don’t worry. You still may be able to make your kitchen sparkle without breaking the bank. But how? For starters, you may want to identify the areas that you think need the most work, and begin with those. For example, if your old countertops are peeling, make new countertops Stage 1 of your long-term remodeling plan, and have your kitchen remodeling contractor get to work on installing brand new ones. They may even have options that will allow your old countertops to be refurbished, or allow new granite countertops to be installed directly over your old counters, saving you money on demolition. Then, when you have a bit more available funds (months later or even years later), move on to Stage 2. This could be having your contactor work on your old kitchen cabinets by refinishing them or replacing them with less costly prefab cabinets.

Another thing you may want to consider when you are trying to remodel your kitchen on a budget is to get involved with some DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects. Yes, you still probably need an experienced Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor for things like countertops, cabinets, and flooring. But there are plenty of other projects you can do yourself that will add style and functionality to your kitchen. You may want to add some floating shelves for looks and storage. You could also even create your own stylish dining room chairs without spending much money at all. Remember, there are many DIY projects that even a beginner can do that will significantly improve the look and feel of your kitchen.

To hear more great ideas for remodeling your kitchen on a budget, take a look at the video below:

If you would like to discuss some more ways that you can have your Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor help you redesign your kitchen on a budget, please contact the experts at Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

NARRATION: Dreaming of a new kitchen, but don’t have enough dough to do it all at once? Serve it up in stages.

We started with a pretty typical kitchen. A little on the small side and felt kind of cramped, with very little storage. Not very functional for the family, and pretty frustrating to try and work in. We started by updating the dated cabinets. We didn’t change the layout, but did lighten and brighten them. A simple coat of paint and new pulls made them look crisp and fresh. We also installed glass front doors on two end cabinets to help open up the space. The other dramatic change in stage one was the countertops. Looks like we installed new, right? Wrong. To pull of the countertop cover, we used a great DIY product called Modern Masters Countertop Transformations, and I think it looks awesome. We also installed some sleek new appliances, making the kitchen look very current. These initial changes satisfied the homeowners until they were ready and able to move on to stage two.

In stage two, we needed to make some structural changes in order to open up the kitchen and make it flow better with the dining area. That meant removing the soffits, as well as the upper cabinets in the dining room. To tie the two spaces together, we tiled the backsplash and the window wall in the dining room with high style stone subway tile. To reflect the glossy black countertops, we added black floating shelves in the dining room, which could be used to display things, and as extra storage space. High style doesn’t have to mean big bucks.

Incorporate high impact DIY projects in your plan, and save some money. These chairs are actually a beginner level DIY project. They’re made out of MDF and one by threes, and they are only about forty dollars each. We also created a really cool floor cloth using sheet vinyl and stencils. A great art project that you can personalize to your own tastes. And we transformed a blank wall beside the fridge into functional art by painting it with chalkboard paint and adding a chalk holder made from a drywall pan.

The end result is a kitchen that is more functional, more cohesive, and certainly more stylish.

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