Sacramento Metal Roofing Video: Metal Roofing, a Durable, Energy Efficient Option

Sacramento_RoofYour roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and if you’re building a house or thinking about remodeling, it’s worth your time to take a look at metal roofs. Adding a metal roof is more expensive than a traditional asphalt shingle roof, but there are a number of benefits that may make it worth your while.

Far too many people don’t really put much thought into the roof that goes onto their home because asphalt shingle roofs are just what you get. Unfortunately, as any good Sacramento metal roofing contractor will tell you, going with a typical shingle roof can cause you to lose out on utility bill savings, end up having more repair issues, and even be more of a safety issue than metal roofs.

Learn some of the many benefits of metal roofs by watching this video:

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TITLE: Metal Roofing, a Durable, Energy Efficient Option

ANGIE HICKS: Metal roofs have been around for years and years, but over the last few years, they’ve really evolved. They come in different styles and colors. You find them looking like wood, slate tile, clay tile – even asphalt shingles.

A metal roof will cost more than an asphalt shingle roof, but if you’re planning to live in your house for a long time, you’re likely to get a good return, because a metal roof is going to come with up to a 50-year warranty.

MICHAEL BURDINE: This is the last roof that you will ever install on your home. In addition to that, you have great energy savings, reflect the heat away so that it makes your attic space cooler, reduces your energy use in the summertime cooling your house. It also will increase the value of your home in many cases, up to 80 percent of the initial cost of the investment.

A metal roof is no more noisy than a traditional roof. And why I say that is because, when you have a metal roof, you have a solid deck. In that solid deck, you have an attic space, insulation, sealing. If you don’t hear rain today, you won’t rain with a metal roof on.

It does not attract lightning any more than other roofs do, but the benefit of the metal roof is that, if it does get hit by lightning, it will disperse the energy throughout the roof instead of being isolated to one spot where it can cause a fire.

A metal roof system is all interlocked and screwed. Everything we do is all screwed down in place, so it does take longer to put on a metal roof than it does to put on a traditional asphalt shingle roof. In most cases, depending on the local codes, we can go right over the top of the existing asphalt shingle roof because we don’t have that added weight that they do.

ANGIE HICKS: If you’re unsure if a metal roof is right for you, have an energy audit done on your home and then talk to several roofing contractors who can give you an analysis of the different types of materials that could be used on your roof.

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