Sacramento Remodeling Contractor Video: Cheap Remodeling Ideas

If your home just needs to be spruced up a little bit, or if you are trying to buy a little time before undertaking a larger remodeling project, there are ways you can make your house look better without breaking the bank. If you are open to putting in a little elbow grease yourself, these cheap remodeling ideas can really make a big difference in the feel of your home. This can apply to many different areas of your home, including the kitchen and bathrooms, which tend to be the rooms that most people want to upgrade. Now, of course you cannot get new appliances, new flooring, or new countertops for super cheap. But there are other things you can do.

If you are looking for a cheap remodeling idea that can make a huge impression, you might want to start by repainting your walls. If you are handy, you can buy your own paint and do them yourself. You can even buy textured paint that will make them look more interesting. Just be careful not to get paint where it doesn’t belong! If you are not comfortable with doing the painting yourself, just give your local Sacramento remodeling contractora call, and they will come out and do it for you. Another area you might want to focus on if you are looking do some cheap, quick remodeling is your kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Changing your lighting isn’t too expensive, and changing things like cabinet knobs is super cheap. But believe it or not, small things like that can go a long way toward making your kitchen and bathrooms feel much newer.

For more cheap remodeling ideas, please take a look at the video below:

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TITLE: Cheap Remodeling Ideas

NARRATION: Hey, I’m Tim Gipson, and I’m going to talk to you about some cheap remodeling ideas. Now, whenever we look at remodeling, typically in bathrooms or kitchens, depending on the scope of work that you are doing, you can spend a little bit of money or you can spend a little bit of money, or you can spend a whole lot of money. Typical full bathroom or kitchen renovations can run several thousand dollars.

But some cheap things to look at to really get a new updated look without having to spend a lot of money, the best thing you can look at is actually refreshening the paint. So, in this particular room here, we put a fresh new coat of paint on it, and there is something about fresh paint that just gives you a whole new look to the room. And particularly if you look at different colors, and there is actually different styles of painting that you can do. You can either do a regular paint job like this, or it is even very easy to achieve some faux finishes where you get some textured looks or some even marble look or a distressed type of look on your walls, which can give it a really nice look. From there, you can paint a room like this for anywhere from about $25 to $50 on a small bathroom. So painting is your most basic thing to spend your money on. It won’t take a lot of money to add a nice look to your room.

From there, we look at mirrors and fixtures. So, if we look right here, we spent about $50 on these pair of mirrors, and about just a little less than $200 on the light fixtures. So, by updating light fixtures, updating mirrors, and doing the painting, you can spend just a few hundred dollars and really get a nice new look. From there, we could look at doing fixtures, doing knobs, but even on your cabinets, just replacing these knobs, the knobs will run anywhere from about $1.50 to $2.00 a piece. So you can update the look just by changing your hardware on your cabinets. So I’m Tim Gipson and that’s some ideas on some cheaper modeling ideas.

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