Sacramento Remodeling Contractor Video: How to Prepare for a Remodeling Project

The more you prepare for your home remodeling project, the higher the likelihood that you will end up with an outcome that you are truly happy with. But one thing many homeowners don’t understand is that the preparation can begin before you even have a Sacramento remodeling contractor come out to your home to give you an estimate. Yes, it is your contractor’s job to learn the ins and outs of your home, ask you questions that give them a better idea of what you need, and put together a great plan for your project. But if you know some of the things you want and don’t want before they arrive, you will be able to give them a better idea of what it is they can do for you.

One of the smartest places you can start to prepare is with your budget. You will know better than anybody approximately how much you want to spend. Obviously, you should leave yourself some space to be a little flexible based on your Sacramento remodeling contractor’s suggestions, but if you are able to give them a ballpark figure before they start on your estimate, you are much more likely to receive an estimate that you can afford. Another way you can prepare is by taking a look at what your neighbors have had done to their homes. In general, it is a good rule of thumb to not be the first one in your neighborhood to jump on a new, expensive trend. But if everyone else in your neighborhood is doing a certain thing to their home (for example, installing granite countertops), it may be a good idea to do it as well in order to avoid a dip in your home value. You can also go online to see what other homeowners around the country are doing to their houses, which will allow you to ask more specific questions of your contractor.

To hear more about how you can best prepare for your home remodeling project, please watch the video below:

If you have done your preparations, and you would like to contact a reputable contractor who can come out and give you an estimate, please contact the professionals at Russ Johnson Construction here.


TITLE: How to Prepare for a Remodeling Project

NARRATION: If you’re considering updating your house this year, consider modeling the kitchen or the bathroom. Those two rooms get the best return on your investment, about eighty-five percent. But the key here is not overdoing it, but keeping up with the Joneses. So, if you’re the only house the neighborhood without granite countertops, then it makes sense to add them. If you’re not, skip out on that extra.

We talk about what you want to do. We come up with a design that satisfies those goals. And then the process goes from there, depending upon on the costs, and the costs involved, and what selections need to be made in. And then we execute the project with our staff. And then, of course, service after the sale.

To make sure your modeling project goes smoothly, the key is plan plan plan and communicate communicate communicate. So, plan ahead. Lay out your budget. Have ideas ahead a time. And then communicate with your contractor regularly. That starts with the estimate, with documenting the contract, all the way through the entire project.

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