Sacramento Remodeling Contractor Video: How to Reject a Contractor’s Bid

One interesting question that most homeowners don’t even think about when they have multiple Sacramento remodeling contractors giving them bids on work they want done in their home is whether or not they need to alert the companies they do not intend to hire. Now, of course there is no rule or law that requires a homeowner to let a contractor know that they lost out on a bid. However, taking into account the amount of time and effort each contractor has to make in order to give you an accurate bid and follow up with you, letting them know if you have decided to go in another direction is a common courtesy that you should definitely employ.

One of the biggest questions that homeowners have about rejecting a contractor’s bid is simply how they should do it. A good rule of thumb is to communicate the rejection to them in the same manner that you have been communicating with them on all other things. If you have been exchanging emails, it is perfectly fine to send them a polite email telling them you will not be moving forward with the project. If most of your communication has come via phone, then a quick call is appropriate. But what exactly should you say? How open should you be about your reasons for going with another company? Obviously, this is completely up to you. But as a general rule of thumb, contractors would love to hear as many details as possible about why they lost out on your job. Then, they can make adjustments off of your constructive criticism, which will make them a better company in the long run.

To hear more about how you can politely reject a contractor’s bid, please take a look at the video below:

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TITLE: How to Reject a Contractor’s Bid

NARRATION: When getting bids for a project, be sure to follow back up with the contractors who didn’t get the job. It’s important for them because they’ve invested time in giving you an estimate, and you want to be sure you’ve given that feedback so they can move on to other jobs.

The best way to let a contractor know that they didn’t get the job is same way you’ve been communicating with them through the process. So if it was email, send them a quick email. If you’ve been talking to them on the phone, do a quick phone call.
There’s no hard and fast rule as to how much information you need to give the contractor when letting them know they don’t get the job, but keep in mind what it would be like if you were in there shoes. This is an opportunity for them to gain some valuable feedback for why they didn’t win the job.

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