Sacramento Remodeling Contractor Video: How to Resolve a Contractor Dispute

Any time you hire someone to do work for you, there’s always a chance that a dispute will arise somewhere down the line. Different people have different ideas of how things should be done. Everybody has their own personality. And often these things can lead to disagreements between businesses and their clients. This is definitely true with regards to remodeling contractors, especially when they are working on something as personal as your home. But for the most part, major disputes with reputable Sacramento remodeling contractors can be avoided as long as you learn how to help solve these problems before they get out of control.

One of the things you need to remember is that your remodeling contractor is not looking to make problems on the job. Often, disputes come in situations where your contractor doesn’t even know they are doing something that you don’t like. That’s why you as the homeowner need to let them know about any issues before they grow larger and become real disputes. If you do, the vast majority of disputes will be settled without becoming major issues as long as you’ve hired a professional Sacramento remodeling contractors. But how should you let your contractor know that they are doing something that you don’t like? The best way to do it is in person. That way, nothing gets lost in translation. Just let your contractor know that there are issues you’d like to discuss, and it shouldn’t be very difficult to set up a quick meeting. If, for some reason, meeting in person isn’t possible, the next best option is a phone call. And it’s always best to bring any documentation about the issues you’re seeing to the meeting. For example, photos or videos of problem areas are a great way to illustrate your issues. But most importantly, just be open, honest, and polite. That way, you can nip the dispute in the bud while it’s small and easily correctable.

To learn more about how to resolve a contractor dispute easily and quickly, check out the video below:

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TITLE: How to Resolve a Contractor Dispute

NARRATION: When dealing with a contractor, communication is imperative. In a recent Angie’s List pole, twenty-three percent of respondents said at some point in time they’ve got to the stage where they actually want to fire their contractor. You wanna talk about things before you ever get to that point.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have a complaint with the contractor, the best bet is the first stay calm, and to second talk to the contractor in person. That way you can work through the issues, they can ask questions, and it can be very collaborative. Second best is by phone. Try not to do this via email. And certainly don’t put off talking about it.

When addressing a concern with a contractor, the best bet is to have everything at your fingertips. Have all the documentation. Have any photos of problem areas. Even use video if necessary to describe the problems. That way you are you prepared for the conversation.

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