Sacramento Remodeling Contractor Video: Painting Your Walls? Go Bold

One of the best ways to improve the look of your home without ripping out and renovating everything is to repaint your walls. You would be amazed at just how much fresher your house will look with a new interior coat of paint. These days, many people are even using paint to change the style of their homes. It used to be that the vast majority of new interior paint jobs were made up of completely neutral colors. This was because bold colors were thought of as more of a risk. But nowadays, many homeowners have decided to let their style tastes shine through in their homes by painting their walls with bolder colors.

If you are feeling a little bit apprehensive about taking the plunge into bolder wall colors, you may want to speak to your Sacramento remodeling contractor about what your options are. One of the things they may suggest is that you bring color into your home through accent walls. This means that you will stick to the safer neutral colors on most walls, but each room will have one wall that will be painted in a bolder color. This can bring a lot of character to your home. Another thing you must remember when you get your home repainted is not to forget about your ceiling and any woodwork surrounding the room. If you forget to repaint these areas, they can ruin even the best new paint job.

To learn more about repainting your walls with bolder colors, please take a look at the video below:

To talk to a Sacramento remodeling contractor who has plenty of experience painting with bold colors, please contact Russ Johnson Construction here.


TITLE: Painting Your Walls? Go Bold

NARRATION: If you’re planning to live in your house for a while, the trend these days is to bolder colors. So, if you’re a little nervous about it, you might want to consider adding a bolder color to just one wall as an accent. But keep in mind the colors throughout the room so you pick the right color for that accent.

Where we were doing just mostly neutrals, we’re doing a lot more color. People are really taking chances and going more for the middle of the paint swatch instead of the top, and it’s really a lot more fun to paint with using more color like that. Even when people are wanting to do some neutral things in their home to sell it and stage it for selling, they’re picking the deeper hues. Just painting the walls and the ceiling and trim really does freshen up a room like nothing else. And even if you’re painting the same color, it makes it all look new, bright, clean. That’s one thing everyone says is “oh, I love howclean it looks now.” You do wanna remember though if you’re gonna do the walls, you wanna make sure to do if the ceiling needs it or the woodwork needs it, you need to do that too because that really shines a spotlight on dinged up trim and all that when you do the walls and you don’t have the other done. So, you want to do it all if it needs it.

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