Sacramento Remodeling Contractor Video: Questions Your Contractor Should Never Ask

When you invite a contractor into your home, it is fair for you to expect them to act like professionals. This starts with making sure they show up looking neat and clean and extends to displaying polite manners when they are on your property. Simply put, from the moment a Sacramento remodeling contractor shows up at your door to the moment they leave, they should act like a professional. Now, any contractor that comes to your home will certainly have a list of questions for you. These questions start at the obvious, such as “what type of work are you looking to have done on your home?” But they will also want to get an idea of the budget you may be able to afford, find out if the decision maker is present, and see who they will be communicated with throughout the process. This is where some less professional contractors can sometimes ask the wrong questions.

When a contractor starts to broach these issues, they need to be conscious of not doing so in a manner that makes you, the homeowner, feel uncomfortable. For example, it is perfectly acceptable for a contractor to want to know who will be making the final decision about whether or not to move forward with the project. However, asking questions like “Will you be the only one home when I show up to do the estimate?” can understandably make a homeowner feel uncomfortable or even scared. If you find yourself in this position, go with another contractor. Another question a contractor should never ask you is “What’s your credit score?” Clearly, they would be asking this to try and figure out if you can afford to pay for the job. But asking a question like this is out of bounds. They also should avoid asking you to see the other bids you’ve gotten in the past.

To hear more questions your contractor should never ask, please watch the video below:

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TITLE: Questions Your Contractor Should Never Ask

NARRATION: Consumers should expect questions from their contractor. There’s certainly some issues they’re probably going to want to cover up front as they are writing the contract. For example, how the project is going to be paid for. Who’s going to make your decisions on the project? All important things for making a project run smoothly. But if they’re not asked properly, it can really lead to some uncomfortable situations.

I think all of us realize sometimes questions don’t always come out the way we intended. And that happens here too. But anytime you don’t feel comfortable or you feel scared, then you should look for another contractor. For example, one Angie’s List member reported about her experience where the contractor asked her over the phone whether she was widowed, whether she had money in her savings account. And these questions are really starting to make her feel uncomfortable.

Over the years, I’ve heard all kinds of stories. Whether it be a contractor asking somebody how much money they make. Or whether they’re going to be home alone when they come to pitch the job. Those are really intended to ask specific questions such as “how are you going to pay for this project” or “are you the one making the decision on the project?” But the way those were asked can really make the consumer feel uncomfortable.

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