Sacramento Roofing Contractor Video: Choosing the Right Type of Roofing Shingles

So, your roof has gotten to the point where you are seriously thinking about replacing it. Your shingles are starting to pull away from your home. Maybe a few small leaks have sprung up. It’s just time to rip off the old shingles and replace them with something brand new. It has probably been a couple decades since you’ve had to do something like this (if you’ve ever done it at all), so your first step should be to find yourself a reputable Sacramento roofing contractor. This will not only ensure that your job is done right, but that the correct materials are selected for the job. This is very important, since there are a variety of shingle types that you will have to choose from for your new roof.

When it comes to putting a new roof on their houses, most homeowners will wind up selecting from a few different types of shingles. These are the twenty-year three tab (most common), twenty-five year three tab, and the architectural. And then there’s the material type, the most common and least expensive of which is asphalt. However, you may want to choose a less common but better looking material type like slate, wood, or tile. You will also have various colors to choose from. With all of these choices, you will have the option of keeping your home’s original look or changing the feel and style entirely. But whatever you choose, make sure you get your contractor to give you a lien release for both the materials and the labor so you know nobody will come back to you looking for payment down the road.

To learn more about different shingle types and which may fit best on your home, you may want to watch the video below:

To speak with a Sacramento roofing contractor who can help you choose the perfect shingle type for your home, please contact Russ Johnson Construction here.


TITLE: Choosing the Right Type of Roofing Shingles

NARRATION: Lon and Janet were in the market for a new roof after they noticed their shingles had come loose and were scattered throughout the yard. Before making a choice, they consulted with the roofing contractor, who discussed the pros and cons materials available.

Before we chose the roof he brought samples, and he suggested types of roof and he also suggested color. And we did that and we’ve been very happy.

There’s really only three shingles. There’s a twenty year three tab, which is probably the shingle that was put on house when it was built. There’s a twenty-five year three tab, and there’s an architectural. She’s the laminated. People say the fancy shingle. People say how come that roof looks so good. Chances are that’s a thirty year or lifetime laminated shingle.

Asphalt is the most common type of shingle used today, and is relatively inexpensive. But other materials can also be used, like wood, slate, or tile.

The great thing now is there’s many color choices, especially with asphalt shingles, and a lotta roofing companies have a computer program that can show you exactly what it’s going to look like when it’s on your house. Cause the last thing you want to do is pick a roof that doesn’t compliment your home or the neighborhood, because you don’t want it to be an eyesore.

If the shingle is installed incorrectly, it will fail. That’s why it’s important hire reputable roofing contractor who has experience with the type of product you want.

Most people know to get a lien release for labor. Fewer people know that they should also get a lien release for material. And that means you want proof that this guy has paid for the stuff at the supply house, otherwise you paid him and then a year later here comes the supply house wanting you to pay for the shingles again. Doesn’t seem fair, and you think that you can get out it. You can’t, and they’re gonna put a lien on your house.

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