Sacramento Shed Contractor Video: How to Build a Shed – The Home Depot

Sacramento home remodeling contractorA lack of storage space is common problem for homeowners, and a backyard shed can be a great solution. Whether you’re storing tools, equipment, toys, or seasonal items, a shed can give surplus storage an organized home and clear up space in your house and garage.

While some homeowners choose to have their sheds constructed offsite and delivered to their property, others are unable to do so because of barriers to access. If you’re in this situation, purchasing a complete shed kit such as the Handy Home Product’s wood shed from Home Depot may be an attractive option. Such kits come complete with parts and building materials—all that’s left to do is assemble it. A Sacramento shed contractor can assist you with assembly, ensuring construction is handled in a skilled and timely manner.

To learn more about the process of building a shed, watch the video below:

To talk to a Sacramento shed contractor who can help you build your shed, please contact Russ Johnson Construction today.


TITLE: How to Build a Shed – The Home Depot

CHRIS FIX-IT: Hi, this is Chris Fix-It with the Home Depot online community. I’m here today with Bill, and we’re going to show you guys some of the steps in building a Handy Home Products Majestic 8’x12’ shed. We hope you enjoy it.

BILL: Coming down to the flush, nail it, and then nail it where each floor joist is—usually it’s got the green line.

CHRIS FIX-IT: Alright Bill. We just finished the foundation and floor. What comes next in the process?

BILL: Lay out the walls, get them ready for assembly.

CHRIS FIX-IT: Okay, let’s get started.

What Bill is doing now is laying out his wall. He’s building it separately from the structure itself, the studs being two foot on the center.

So the walls are up, and the whole thing’s starting to come together nicely. What Bill is doing now is setting three-inch nails along the base to help support the walls with the foundation.

Now you see Bill’s already put together the trusses that are going to support the roof. He assembled them on the ground because it’s easier than doing it once they’re up in the air. And this way, he can kind of just move them back and forth to where he needs them to go and put them in place.

So as we’ve been putting the shed together, you’ve noticed you use a nailer and a circular saw. The important thing to remember is that with the Handy Home Products shed, all your screws and nails come with the kit.

The kit is pre-cut. You will have to do some of your measurements and some minor cutting, though. But if you remember, when you looked at the front of the shed, the windows were already cut out, and the entrance for your door was already cut, so there’s no jig-work required.

BILL: Alright, as you can see, we have the shelves in place. A couple more shelves, and it will be time to put the roof on.

CHRIS FIX-IT: Now, the windows are stuck up there with silicon to help keep the water out, correct?

BILL: You only silicon three sides. No silicon on the bottom.

CHRIS FIX-IT: Well, as you see, the shed’s put together. The trims on, windows done, door’s in place. Bill, I want to think you for coming out and doing this and allowing us to film you.

BILL: Thank you.

CHRIS FIX-IT: It’s been great watching you. It really was an awesome sight to see you put it together. Thank you.

Once again, I’m Chris Fix-It for the Home Depot community. We hope to see you online and in stores, and remember, if you have any questions about anything you saw today, the website is Take care.

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