Sacramento Whole House Remodel Video: Russ Johnson Construction Builds a Dream Home

Whether it’s just remodeling a single bathroom or kitchen, or planning and implementing a whole house remodel, each and every home design job is different than the one before it and the one after it. Every client will have different tastes, different concepts, different budgets, and a different floor plan and pre-existing home design. That’s why at Russ Johnson Construction, we consider every single project we work on to be a completely custom job, and we treat it as such. Our goal, each and every time, is to work with our clients to take their existing house and make it into a place that fits all of their desires. A dream home that incorporates the things they want, without sacrificing the things they truly need.

Over the 36 years we have been in business, Russ Johnson Construction has been fortunate to get to work on countless whole house remodels that allowed out team to combine their creativity and craft with the dreams of our clients to create a spectacular Sacramento whole house remodel. Take a look at the video below to see a great example of one of these projects that was selected to be featured by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

If you are interested in speaking to an experienced professional about a Sacramento whole house remodel, or any other home remodeling or construction job, please contact the experts at Russ Johnson Construction here.


TITLE: Russ Johnson Construction Whole House Remodel

NARRATION: NARI of Sacramento. Showcasing homes reimagined by homeowners, and rejuvenated by an association of Sacramento’s top builders.

Sacramento Contractor Russ Johnson: We’ve been in the remodeling business for 36 years in the Sacramento area. We take the customer’s concepts and go from the beginning to the end. There were many many facets of this project. The first one we started was on the balcony. They wanted an area where they could get away with their kids in the evening. Sit out there with their kids around the fireplace. It turned out just great. Customer Fireside provided the fireplace for it, and it’s a great escape area for the homeowners.

Mitch Heller: They needed a waterproof mantle, and also waterproof doors that are meant for outdoor installation. So we were able to provide that to them. Inside, they chose a fireplace that has a wide range of operation in terms of very high heat to very low.

Sacramento Contractor Russ Johnson: We had very good subcontractor on this project. Super Shooters did all the drywall here.

Keith Martin: We started off with the fireplace, then moved on to the kitchen.

Sacramento Contractor Russ Johnson: The homeowners wanted a very open concept for their kitchen. We took out a wall, made the whole kitchen open, and the kitchen was designed around a certain cabinet that they had. Cook Custom Cabinets out of Placerville did a wonderful job. Took their concept, matched their color, and matched the cabinet perfectly.

Keith Martin: I’m proud of what we did because you don’t see a bunch of patchwork, but overall I believe that the kitchen and bathroom remodel are just spectacular. And it took an experience contractor like Russ (Johnson) to put the whole thing together so it went smoothly.

Sacramento Contractor Russ Johnson: In their master bathroom, the homeowners’ bathroom was all closed in. A lot of walls. Very dark up there. We took that bathroom and removed walls, put in two solar tube sky lights, put some new windows in, and the bathroom is now very open and airy.

Bryan Orso: Well, one of the biggest problems that people have in their shower is grout lines. Dirty, moldy grout that leaks. It’s very porous material. So what we do is we come in with a solid surface of non-porous material that’s seamless, so there is not a seam in the shower. So you’ll never have a spot for mold to grow or live. Everything we do is custom. We don’t have a product that’s out-of-the-box. We did the outdoor of this house in hanstone quartz product, which we chose because of the beauty and low maintenance properties.

Sacramento Contractor Russ Johnson: The outside was a challenge. We designed a fire pit for the homeowners. We designed a spa for the homeowners that they could enjoy, and we put LED lighting front and back. It just illuminated the outside of the property. The homeowners wanted to make this house very energy efficient, so we put LED lights throughout the whole house. We upgraded all of the installation in the walls and in the ceilings. We upgraded the air conditioning system to a high energy efficient system. The homeowners had certain dreams, and I feel that our company and our subcontractors fulfilled all their dreams. It turned out to be just a great project. And you’ll never go wrong using a NARI contractor.

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