Sacramento Home Contractor Video: Redefine Perfection in the Construction Industry

kitchenWhen it comes to renovating your home, you can do a lot with a small time frame and modest budget. An experienced contractor can suggest restorations, upgrades, and additions that can beautifully transform your home and also offer cost-effective alternatives if your budget is on the smaller side. A builder of repute should know all the budget-reducing tips and techniques, having worked with many different types of materials, methods, and designs.
If you are looking to increase the resale value of your house, or simply transform it into a more beautiful, comfortable place to live, don’t let a small budget keep you from renovating. A Sacramento general contractor can help you create a remodeling plan that suits your unique tastes, needs, and budget. Even the most modestly priced upgrades can have luxurious results in the hands of an expert contractor.
To learn more about the cost-effective home remodeling process, please take a look at the video below:

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TITLE: Redefine Perfection in the Construction Industry
ARMANDO MONTELONGO: My name is Armando Montelongo. I’m in this business for the adrenaline rush. Five years ago, I rolled into town on my last tank of gas. Now, I run the most aggressive real estate firm in Texas.
So Veronica and I, we’re in Southern California, in San Clemente. We received a letter by some people, named the Finnigans, who have the absolute real estate nightmare. He lost his job; he’s on the verge of bankruptcy and foreclosure. They contacted us and asked us to come over here and help them out to be able to get this house flipped. They said they were in total dire straits.
VERONICA: It’s going to be a challenge, isn’t it?
ARMANDO MONTELONGO: For me, this is all about the challenge. Looking at this flip, even for somebody that has years of experience—I mean, this thing’s a monster!

VERONICA: But I can see why they don’t want to let it go.
ARMANDO MONTELONGO: Well, look at the area.
VERONICA: It’s beautiful.
ARMANDO MONTELONGO: It’s a great area.
Next shot.
I’m on my way to go meet Tom and a contractor by the name of Oz that I found through Calfinder, which is a service in the state of California that helps you matchup legitimate contractors with people who need somebody to go do good work for you. I reviewed his credentials. I believe Oz can really do a great job for us.
TOM FINNIGAN: Is it Oz, like The Wizard of Oz?
OZ ZILBERBERG: It’s exactly like The Wizard of Oz.
TOM FINNIGAN: I like that already.
The main floor—well, we want wood floors throughout.
OZ ZILBERBERG: Cherry, very expensive.
TOM FINNIGAN: This room, the dining room, so what we’d like is a tongue-engrooved wood finish in the ceiling—expose the beams.
OZ ZILBERBERG: You want that stained?
TOM FINNIGAN: Yes, we do. And the windows, and the doors as well. I want the good stuff. It’s just that simple.
OZ ZILBERBERG: He’s talking about staining, he’s talking about tounge-engrooved… I hope he’s not going to get a heart attack when he’s going to hear the numbers.
TOM FINNIGAN: A smooth finish on all the stucco; a light color on the house too. We’ve got a lot of landscaping out front. That has to be done as well.
This is the master suite. Carpet is what we want up here. The master bath is here. We would like a shower here, with glass and tile. I’d like a Jacuzzi tub in the corner. It’s fairly small. I would like top notch.
ARMANDO MONTELONGO: (whispering) Tom wants a Taj Mahal, but he has, like, a Motel 6 budget.
OZ ZILBERBERG: You’re definitely talking about somewhere around $300,000, and again, it’s give or take. It can go higher, it can go a little bit lower, but…
TOM FINNIGAN: We’re going to have to do something about that, if we can.
ARMANDO MONTELONGO: See, they give you all the clues of where the money was that you’re spending: tounge-engrooved ceiling, smooth texture stucco, high-grade floors. But the thing is, you’re not listening.
So, if he goes with a regular stucco texture and a regular texture on the inside, those two alone would save him how much on a 3,200-square-foot home?
OZ ZILBERBERG: You can definitely go up to 15, 20,000 bucks in savings. You don’t really have to compromise as far as how the house is going to look like. It’ll look nice.
TOM FINNIGAN: Yeah, that’s great.
ARMANDO MONTELONGO: So you just had a five-second conversation, and saved $15 – $20,000. These are all rough numbers, because these guys got to go back and put pen to paper. Can we get him a final contract in a couple of days so we can start? Thanks guys.
To the camera.
It’s my job to go in and build them up, make them believe this thing can happen, but at the same time, keep them squelched a little bit from over-exploding, and spending too much money on this project.
Next shot.
Now, we’ve got forward movement. Tom had to let go of some of his high-end finishes and dreams, but he finally cut a deal with Oz for 220,000.
To learn more, watch the rest of the video!

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