Sacramento Home Improvement Video: Boost Your Home’s Selling Price: 5 Pro Secrets

21It doesn’t take major renovations to boost your home’s resale value in a big way. Whether you are planning on selling soon or simply looking to improve your lifestyle, you can boost the look, functionality, and comfort level of your home through small, thoughtful updates.

You can work with a Sacramento home improvement contractor to determine what kinds of cost-effective remodeling and addition work you can do with high-focus rooms like your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Simple updates, such as fixing leaky faucets, installing new, efficient appliances, and re-flooring can transform these rooms from dated and worn to modern and fresh. Your contractor can help you devise a budget-conscious plan before helping you boost your home’s resale value through expert and efficient construction and repair services.

Want more ideas on cost-effective updates that can boost your home’s resale value? Check out the video below.

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TITLE: Boost Your Home’s Selling Price: 5 Pro Secrets

NARRATOR: Real estate is a balancing act. Put too much money into your home when you’re getting ready to sell, and you may not recoup the costs. But do too little, and you may have to settle for a lower price.

Consumer Reports surveyed more than 300 real estate professionals to find out which upgrades will get the most bang for your buck.

Class up the kitchen. You’ve probably heard it’s the most important room in the house, and 50 percent of real estate pros we surveyed agreed. But don’t spend thousands redoing the kitchen. You want to update, not renovate. Repair leaky faucets, light fixtures, anything with a nob or handle, cosmetic things—like that burn mark on the counter—and you’ll spend less but reap the benefits of a polished, well-cared-for kitchen.

Matching appliances make a big impression. Our experts say this suite of Kenmore appliances are inexpensive, but perform well in our tests.

Beautify the bathroom. 42 percent of the real estate pros surveyed say it’s another high-focus area for potential buyers. Just like in the kitchen, update anything with a knob or handle, and fix leaky faucets. Also, caulk the tub and re-grout the tile. Consumer Reports says if you can spare an extra couple thousand dollars, the following upgrades may allow you to raise your asking price by $4,000 to $6,000.

Installing new fixtures can modernize a tired bath. Update countertops—since you don’t need as much material in the bathroom, as say, the kitchen, consider a more expensive option like natural stone. A new toilet will update the look of your bathroom and make your home more water-efficient. This $100 Glacier Bay toilet performs just as well as toilets that cost twice as much.

Floor looking shabby? Vinyl flooring is cheaper and more durable than tiles. Consumer Report’s top-rated is the Tarkett collection in natural slate sand and stone. It costs about $4.70 per square foot.

You also want to tackle the clutter and cleanup throughout your home. 41 percent of real estate pros polled said that dirty smells and clutter are on their lists of costly selling mistakes you can make.

The best part? It’s free! Vacuum, dust, and wipe-down every surface. Before showing, open the windows and shades to let that natural light and air in. To get rid of clutter, store personal items, like family photos, mail, and knickknacks out of sight. If you’ve got more clutter than you know what to do with, consider a professional. Check the National Association of Professional Organizer’s website for an organizer in your area. The money you spend (about $600 to $2,500) can help you sell your home faster.

This fix is a popular one. Paint—but don’t go crazy. At least 16 percent of the pros surveyed said interior painting is a must-do, and those who suggest it says it doesn’t pay to have your entire house painted. Focus on scuffed or marked areas. First, try hitting them with a magic eraser. High-traffic areas, like the kitchen and bath, and anywhere with bold colors deserve a fresh coat. Stick to neutrals and grays. Consumer Reports says these recommended paints get the job done for less money.

Another impactful paint fix? Give the front door a new coat. This Lowe’s exclusive Valspar Duramax semi-gloss paint for $40 per gallon provides maximum protection, plus a fit of visual contrast and shine.

And finally, don’t let all your hard work go unnoticed. The National Association of Realtors told us that 90 percent of buyers are looking at your home online. Plus, they’re paying more attention to those pictures than any description.

Here’s some tips from Consumer Report’s photo experts on how to make yours standout. Resist the urge to use your smartphone. Instead, use a DSLR camera. Borrow a friend’s if you don’t have one to keep costs down. Include photos of each room, as well as the outside of your home and yard. Feel free to take close-ups of special features, like a stone fireplace, built-ins, or high-end appliances. Natural light is always best, so you may need several days to capture the best shots.

For more home improvement advice, and ratings on all of the home and garden products we test, check out

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